Audio problems reported with recent ZachNews videos:

** Audio problems reported with recent ZachNews videos: **

ZachNews is working to find out what is going on with serval videos uploaded to YouTube in the last 2 weeks that the audio are no playing in the videos.

The videos were filed using a ‪‎ZTE‬ Android Phone and were all upload to YouTube using the YouTube‬ ‪application available at the ‪‎Google Play‬ store.

All videos were checked after filming a news story or event and audio was on and can be heard. But after uploading and the link shared onto Facebook, the videos played with no audio. Videos posted over 2 weeks all play audio and can be heard, all also using the ‪ZTE‬ Android Phone.

The ZTE‬ Android Phone was being used temporary until a camera can be purchase when there is enough money to do so.

I have used different Android Phones before with no problems until the last 2 weeks, and just in case somebody ask me, my volume on my computer is on and working as well as my speaker all on and working.

Also, the volume on the YouTube video player was all the way up when I was watching the videos.

ZachNews Friends alerting me of this problem on my YouTube page and video links posted to Facebook and when I played the videos on both YouTube and Facebook, I also didn’t hear any audio, but when I went back 3 weeks ago, those videos play with audio heard.

I am trying to find out what is going on and hope that this will not take too long. For now, all videos will not be uploaded to YouTube until this problem is located and fix.

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