Needles, California and Mohave Valley, Arizona Weather:


Needles, California and Mohave Valley, Arizona Weather:


Welcome all guest and dignitaries visiting Needles, California for the Republic of China’s National Day 10-10 Ceremony being held at 10:10am PT on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 (10-10) outside in front of the Needles City Council Chambers located on the 1700 block of J Street near the Needles Recreation Center and Bailey Avenue in Needles, California.

The 10-10 ceremony, also known locally as the “10-10 Event” or “10-10 Ceremony”, celebrates the founding of the Republic of China (Taiwan) or Taiwan’s Independence Day founded on Monday, January 1st, 1912.

The 10-10 ceremony will have a flag raising ceremony, speakers from representatives from the City of Needles and the County of San Bernardino as well as dignitaries and invited guest from the Republic of China Veterans Associations in Los Angeles, California, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, California, and the Republic of China’s Air Force and Color Guard.

**More information about the 10-10 Ceremony is at the following ZachNews on WordPress website address: **


**** Needles, California Weather: ****

– Saturday:

Sunny, high near 97*F.

Light and variable wind becoming south southeast around 6 mph in the afternoon.

– Saturday Night:

Mostly clear, low around 70*F.

South wind around 5 mph becoming light and variable in the evening.

– Sunday:

Sunny, high near 96*F.

Calm wind becoming south around 5 mph in the afternoon.

– Sunday Night:

Mostly clear, low around 71*F.

South wind around 5 mph becoming light and variable.

** Columbus Day: **

– Monday:

Mostly sunny, high near 99*F.

Northwest wind 3 to 5 mph.

– Monday Night:

Partly cloudy, low around 74*F.

**** Mohave Valley, Arizona Weather: ****

– Saturday:

Sunny, with a high near 99*F.

Light and variable wind becoming south 5 to 7 mph in the afternoon.

– Saturday Night:

Mostly clear, with a low around 69*F.

South wind around 5 mph becoming east northeast after 12:00am MST.

– Sunday:

Sunny, high near 98*F.

Northeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm.

– Sunday Night:

Mostly clear, low around 69*F.

Light and variable wind becoming north northeast around 6 mph after 12:00am MST.

** Columbus Day: **

– Monday:

Mostly sunny, high near 101*F.

North northeast wind around 5 mph becoming light and variable in the morning.

– Monday Night:

Partly cloudy, low around 71*F.

** More Weather Information and Weather Radars: **

– National Weather Service:

– National Weather Service Weather Radar:


**** Weather Tips: Heat Safety: ****

– Slow down: reduce, eliminate or reschedule strenuous activities until the coolest time of the day. Children, seniors and anyone with health problems should stay in the coolest available place, not necessarily indoors.

– Dress for summer. Wear lightweight, loose fitting, light-colored clothing to reflect heat and sunlight.

– Eat light, cool, easy-to-digest foods such as fruit or salads.

– Drink plenty of water (not very cold), non-alcoholic and decaffeinated fluids, even if you don’t feel thirsty. If you on a fluid restrictive diet or have a problem with fluid retention, consult a physician before increasing consumption of fluids.

– Use air conditioners or spend time in air-conditioned locations such as malls and libraries.

– Use portable electric fans to exhaust hot air from rooms or draw in cooler air.

– Do not direct the flow of portable electric fans toward yourself when room temperature is hotter than 90°F. The dry blowing air will dehydrate you faster, endangering your health.

– Minimize direct exposure to the sun. Sunburn reduces your body’s ability to dissipate heat.

– Take a cool bath or shower.

– Do not take salt tablets unless specified by a physician. Check on older, sick, or frail people who may need help responding to the heat. Each year, dozens of children and untold numbers of pets left in parked vehicles die from hyperthermia. Keep your children, disabled adults, and pets safe during tumultuous heat waves.

– Parents, even on mild days in the 70s, studies have shown that the temperature inside a parked vehicle can rapidly rise to a dangerous level for children, pets and even adults. Leaving the windows slightly open does not significantly decrease the heating rate. The effects are more severe on children because their bodies warm at a faster rate than adults. A dark dashboard or car seat can quickly reach temperatures in the range of 180°F to over 200°F. These objects heat the adjacent air by conduction and convection and also give off long wave radiation, which then heats the air trapped inside a vehicle. Follow these tips to ensure your child’s safety.

– Touch a child’s safety seat and safety belt before using it to ensure it’s not too hot before securing a child.

– Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle, even with the windows down, even for just a minute.

– Teach children not to play in, on, or around cars. They could accidentally trap themselves in a hot vehicle.

– Always lock car doors and trunks–even at home–and keep keys out of children’s reach.

– Always make sure children have left the car when you reach your destination. Don’t leave sleeping infants in the car ever.

**** More heat safety tips and information is at the following website addresses: ****

– National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

– United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


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