Weather Alert!!: Needles, CA: Thunderstorm brings rain and hail.


Weather Alert!!: Needles, CA: Thunderstorm brings rain and hail.

A thunderstorm that was over Yucca, Arizona moved south into Needles, California bring thunder, some lightning mainly in the cloud, heavy rain, and small hail over Needles Middle School and Needles High School.

At around 3:30pm PT on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015, heavy rain from the thunderstorm over Yucca, Arizona began to move over the Colorado River at Jack Smith Memorial Park in Needles, California.

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People were seen still fishing, swimming, and boating in the Colorado River, but began to move into their vehicles as the thunderstorm continued to move over Needles, California.

** Video from ZachNews: **

** Video from ZachNews: **

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez was at Jack Smith Memorial Park in Needles, California and captured the thunderstorm moving from Arizona into California.


Reports that small hail fell over the Needles Middle School and Needles High School area in Needles, California.

This video posted at Dave Sanchez on Facebook shows the hail falling in Needles, California.

– Video from Dave Sanchez on Facebook:


As the thunderstorm moved south passing over Needles, California, heavy rain fell over neighborhoods then into the desert and mountains where the heavy rain brought runoff from the west to flow down normally dry washes into the Needles, California area.

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** Video from ZachNews: **

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez recorded this news report of the Smith Road Underpass next to the normally dry wash with no flooding.


** Video from ZachNews: **

Just minutes after recording the news report, ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez spotted water runoff flowed down the dry wash from the west into the Smith Road Underpass causing the normally dry wash to become a small river.


Up the wash, more runoff water from the thunderstorm flowed down normally dry wash under Interstate 40 and over a hill making a waterfall.




West of this normally dry wash, other normally dry washes had runoff flowing down and across roadways in neighborhoods on the southwest side of Needles, California.

Clary Drive near the Needles Rodeo Grounds, Lillyhill Drive near the Needles Senior Citizens Center, and Bailey Avenue just north of Lillyhill Drive has runoff water flowing across the roadways.

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The North K Street Underpass at Front Street is closed due to flooding.

Motorist had to get around the closure using Needles Highway to West Broadway as a detour.


Sandbags blocking the front doors of the A To Z Collision Center appeared to have stopped the muddy water from getting inside the building, but left a muddy and slippery mess on the sidewalk outside and along the street.

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The turnoff from eastbound Needles Highway onto southbound West Broadway is closed due to flooding.

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The intersection of West Broadway and J Street in Downtown Needles, California is wet and muddy from earlier runoff from the thunderstorm.

San Bernardino County Fire Department as well as Mohave Valley Fire Department were seen driving around the Needles, California are.

More information is still coming into ZachNews.

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