Downtown Needles, CA: Lots of fun, great food, and friendly business community during Progressive Mixer.

Downtown Needles, CA- Pictures- Progressive Mixer- Thursday, September 24th, 2015.

Downtown Needles, CA: Lots of fun, great food, and friendly business community during Progressive Mixer.

A great turnout for the Progressive Mixer sponsored jointly by the Needles Downtown Business Alliance and the Needles Chamber of Commerce held in Downtown Needles, California on Thursday, September 24th, 2015.

This mixer brought out over a dozen people enjoying food and socializing well stopping at the Needles Regional Museum, Farmers Insurance, Desert Communities Federal Credit Union, Big O Tires/Napa Auto Parts, Red Dog Saloon, Palo Verde Community College, and Eagles Lodge.

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People enjoyed a wait through of the Needles Regional Museum learning about our community’s history and view the many items from the community’s past all donated from the community.


Appetizers were serviced up inside made by volunteers from the Needles Regional Museum.

ZachNews talked with Needles Regional Museum about what the Needles Regional Museum has to offer and what people can learn about our community.

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People then went over to Farmers Insurance for wine and appetizers, followed by delicious soup served up by Wagon Wheel Restaurant at the Desert Communities Federal Credit Union where people got to get their pictures taken in front of a railroad sign and wear hats.

ZachNews talked with Susan of the Wagon Wheel Restaurant about what these mixers mean for the community and how the mixers show how our community is still open for business.

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People then went to the Big O Tires/Napa Auto Parts to enjoy some fresh salad and cold tea, followed by a walk to the Red Dog Saloon where Juicy’s River Cafe served up delicious chipotle pulled pork sandwich with homemade coleslaw potato salad.

ZachNews talked with Chris of the Juicy’s River Cafe about how the mixer and how these mixers show other parts of our community and businesses.

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People then went to the Palo Verde Community College for a little dessert, followed by a walk to the Eagles Lodge where the Progressive Mixer ended with lots of food, cold drinks, and cake as well as giveaway prizes.

Many of the people who attended say this was the largest mixer they had been to here and they had so much fun, they would like to see another mixer like this all around the community.

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