Breaking News!!: Sacramento, CA: Shooting at Sacramento City College.

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Breaking News!!: Sacramento, CA: Shooting at Sacramento City College.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, 3 students were shot in a shooting at the campus of Sacramento City College, located at 3835 Freeport Boulevard in Sacramento, California.

Authorities are saying that the shooting happened at 3:50pm PT on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

According to the Sacramento Police Department, they’re searching the area for a Tongan man wearing a white shirt and beige cargo shorts, and was last seen running from the shooting scene.

Early news media reports that the shooting at Sacramento City College was connected to another shooting in the south part of Sacramento, California, but the Sacramento Police Department say that they could not confirm that.

Sacramento City College was place on a lockdown, but was clear at 6:30pm PT.

** More information is still coming into ZachNews. **

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