News Update!!: Mohave Valley, AZ: Day 8: Latest information on the week old “Willow Fire”.


News Update!!: Mohave Valley, AZ: Day 8: Latest information on the week old “Willow Fire”.

As the “Willow Fire” has turned a week old, ZachNews has the latest information on the “Willow Fire” and how residents as well as communities help residents affected by the “Willow Fire” get what they need to stand strong and help them to rebuild again.

The “Willow Fire” started on the morning of Saturday, August 8th, 2015 in Mohave Valley, Arizona, and a week later has burned a total of 5,976 acres, is at 90% percent contained, and full containment is expected to happen within the next 48 to 72 hours.

There has been no reports of injuries or deaths related to the “Willow Fire” and all closures have been lifted in the “Willow Fire” affected area.

At around 4:20pm PT on Friday, August 14th, 2015, a partly cloudy day turned quickly into a dusty ash day as a dust storm came down onto the “Willow Fire” burned area and well picking up ash, moved into neighborhoods that were affected by the “Willow Fire” and into areas of Mohave Valley, Arizona and Needles, California.

The dust and ash storm moved quickly and catch many people by surprise including people who were coming out to the Dance Trax 51 Registration and Taco Dinner at the Needles Recreation Center in Needles, California where ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez captured the dust and ash storm moving into Needles, California and right to where he was recording.

The dust and ash storm knocked out power to the area including to the inside of the Needles Recreation Center, but that didn’t stop the fundraiser and power did return minutes later.

According to resident living near the “Willow Fire” burn area, the dust and ash storm, which also had some rain, thunder, and lightning, passed by the “Willow Fire” burned area and their neighborhood with no new fires starting.

Residents do hope that the rain that came after the dust and ash storm helped to put out any hot spots or flare ups in the “Willow Fire” burn area.

As the “Willow Fire” slowly dies out, residents and communities around the Colorado River Tri-State area continue to help residents affected by the “Willow Fire”.

Terry “Tigger” King, who lived on Cheyenne Drive in Mohave Valley, Arizona, lost their home and everything as the “Willow Fire” moved in the neighborhood.

At least 11 to 12 properties were burned and destroyed along Cheyenne Drive, out of the total 18 structures all together as fire department officials told ZachNews.

Even with his lost of his home and many belongings of his and that were going to go help other people in his community, Terry “Tigger” King continues to show the caring, giving, and helping spirit by making sure his neighbors are getting what they need to rebuild from this disaster.

Terry “Tigger” King will be driving around his neighborhood on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 to check up on his neighbors and give out food and water to them.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez will be with Terry “Tigger” King to both capture the caring, giving, and helping spirit as well as to help out with passing out food and water to the residents who have been through so much by the “Willow Fire”.

We will begin after 9:00am MST along Canal Drive and make our way around the neighborhood from there.

In the last week, people from around the Colorado River Tri-State area continue to give to local charity organizations and churches in the Mohave Valley, Arizona area that are helping residents who were affected by the “Willow Fire”.

Austin Creswell from the American Red Cross told ZachNews that the Harvest Bible Church has been helping in collecting donations from the local community as well as connect people with certain needs, and River Fund has been providing hotel stays from those who are permanently out of their homes.

On Friday, August 14th, 2015, Dance Trax 51 held a dance registration and taco dinner at the Needles Recreation Center in Needles, California and helped raise money to help Terry “Tigger” King  and his wife Cheryl King rebuild their lives after losing their home in the “Willow Fire”.

Even with the lost of everything, Terry “Tigger” King continued to give a small to a child’s face and wearing his propeller hat, kids spin the propeller well friends and complete strangers came up to Terry “Tigger” King and his wife Cheryl King to give them hugs and donations to help them rebuild.

Terry “Tigger” King tells ZachNews that he thanks everybody who came out and showed their support for his family.

** Video from ZachNews on YouTube: **

Need assistance after the “Willow Fire” can call the American Red Cross at: 1 (800) 842-7349.

Donations to help residents of the “Willow Fire” as well as for any disasters can do so by donating to the American Red Cross can be done either online at: or by phone by calling: 1 (800) RED-CROSS.

According to the American Red Cross, donations can go to either your local American Red Cross which would provide programs and services in your community, to the “Disaster Relief” fund which helps people affected by disasters big or small, or to where it is needed most supporting all of the urgent humanitarian needs of the American Red Cross.

All donations to the American Red Cross are tax deductible.

As of Friday, August 14th, 2015, fire department managers will continue to demobilize firefighters and support personnel from the “Willow Fire” and management of the “Willow Fire” will be returned to local resources at end of shift on Friday, August 14th, 2015.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs, has deployed its Interagency Burn Area Emergency Rehabilitation (B.A.E.R.) team to identify imminent post-wildfire threats to human life and safety, property, and critical natural or cultural resources on federal and trust resource lands and take immediate actions, as appropriate, to manage unacceptable risks.

According to Willow Fire – AZ on Facebook on Friday, August 13th, 2015, which is maintained by the SW Area Type 2 Incident Command Team, this will be the last update on the “Willow Fire”.

The cause of the brush fire is under investigation, which has changed from earlier reports from emergency management officials that the “Willow Fire” was caused by lightning.

Anybody with questions regarding the “Willow Fire” can be answered by calling the Willow Fire Information Hotline at: 1 (928) 768-9127.

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** Weather condition information can be found at the following National Weather Service website addresses: **

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– Needles, California:

** Stay tuned to ZachNews for the latest information on the “Willow Fire. **

**** Stay Strong and United Mohave Valley, Arizona. ****

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