News Update!!: Mohave Valley, AZ: Day 6: The “Willow Fire” is almost fully contained.


News Update!!: Mohave Valley, AZ: Day 6: The “Willow Fire” is almost fully contained.

** As of 11:00pm PT on Thursday, August 13th, 2015: **

The “Willow Fire” has burned 5,976 and remains at 90% percent contained.


The brush fire is burning out and is slowly dying, but the smoke is causing some air quality and the public is asked that is you are near the area of the “Willow Fire”, to be careful being out in the smoke and take necessary protections some to limit yourself in the left over smoke from what was the “Willow Fire”.

The brush fire started on Saturday, August 8th, 2015.

The cause of the brush fire is under investigation.

At 6:00am MST on Thursday, August 13th, 2015, Management of the Willow Fire will transfer from the Southwest Area Incident Management Team 3 to a Type 4 team, Benji Stewart Incident Commander.

The team will continue to manage this incident until it can be returned to local fire agencies.


Utility crews from the Mohave Electric Cooperative continue to repair damaged utility lines and many of the utility poles and lines appear to be repaired.


The American Red Cross was in the hard hit community on and around Cheyenne Drive with their Emergency Response Vehicle and case workers providing support directly to the residents affected by the “Willow Fire”.


Case workers went house to house to address any of their needs and to see what they lost in the “Willow Fire”.

Need assistance after the “Willow Fire”, Call the American Red Cross at: 1 (800) 842-7349.

Donations to the American Red Cross can be done online at: or call: 1 (800) RED CROSS. Make sure to mention where you want to donate to the people affected by the “Willow Fire” in Mohave Valley, Arizona.


Terry “Tigger” King, a resident who lost his home in the “Willow Fire” helped the American Red Cross with the identified the residents, how to get in contact with the residents, and talked about who they were.

ZachNews wanted to know more about who were the residents affected by the “Willow Fire” and what life before the “Willow Fire” changed their lives.

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ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez got to learn more about Terry “Tigger” King as a resident and what he had lost in the “Willow Fire” that was not just stuff he had, but stuff that was use for and was given out to people in need, such as food and toiletries, a mobile home used for when somebody is without a home, and supplies for a food back.


Terry “Tigger” King showed ZachNews a small tree that even with the brush fire burned everything around his property, this small tree remained standing and untouched.

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Terry “Tigger” King tells ZachNews that this community is still standing and will rebuild point out an statue of a eagle with a broke wing; “We’re all broken, but not destroyed”, and that this neighborhood community will help each other and will be more united like the neighborhood gatherings he had at his home that brought the whole neighborhood together with families, kids, and neighbors to enjoy a barbecue and music.

Terry “Tigger” King that he held New Year’s Eve Party for the neighborhood, and Terry “Tigger” King tells ZachNews that he still plans to work to have a New Year’s Eve Party at the end of this year.

** Video from ZachNews on YouTube: **


Later, Terry “Tigger” King spoke to ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez about who are his neighbors who lost everything in the “Willow Fire”, and gave a drove ZachNews down the neighborhood and stopping at each home talking about his residents who work families, had their own businesses, and who loved animals.

Terry “Tigger” King also spoke about a resident love motorcycles and lost them all in the “Willow Fire”, and a resident who allowed people to stay in campers who were homeless and everybody on that property lost everything in the “Willow Fire”.

** Video from ZachNews on YouTube: **

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Well ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez was on Cheyenne Drive awaiting to do our interview with Terry “Tigger” King, a dark 4 door mid-size sport utility vehicle with a man went up to the gates of Terry “Tigger” King’s property at around 7:20am MST and wanted to get scrap metals to sell.

As ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez began walking up to the property, the man got quickly got back into the dark 4 door mid-size sport utility vehicle and speed off down Bridal Lane and was last seen drive up northbound on Ranchero Lane heading to Courtwright Road. Authorities were alerted and told ZachNews has they will be doing more patrols in the area more.

Neighbors are also watching out for their neighbors who lost everything and making sure that nobody is on their properties or is taking things that aren’t theirs.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez talked with Mohave Valley Fire Department’s Fire Marshal Don Gibson as he was checking up on residents affected by the “Willow Fire”.

Some residents are questioning if access to Fort Mojave Indian Reservation land prevented fire department crews from fighting the “Willow Fire” because they weren’t allow to go onto Fort Mojave Indian Reservation land, but according to Mohave Valley Fire Department’s Fire Marshal Don Gibson, that is not true and that work is being done with the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe regarding fire protection on Fort Mojave Indian Reservation land that are near neighborhoods.

ZachNews has requested more information and updates regarding this matter and will have the latest information regarding this issue when they are available.

Mohave Valley Fire Department Firefighters were seen again putting out a small flare up near Vanderslice Road and Plantation Road which was quickly put out.

Fire department personnel continued to patrol the burned areas to watch for hot shots and flare ups so they would start up any large fires. 

Anybody with questions regarding the “Willow Fire” can be answered by calling the Willow Fire Information Hotline at: 1 (928) 768-9127.

** For more information on after the brush fire considerations: **

** For current information about the Willow Fire: **

** Weather condition information is at the following National Weather Service website addresses: **

– Mohave Valley, Arizona:

– Needles, California:

** ZachNews will be back at the “Willow Fire” area and will have the latest information on the clean up efforts later on ZachNews. **

**** Stay Strong and United Mohave Valley, Arizona. ****

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