Beaumont, CA: Man gets trapped inside his truck by down power lines.


Beaumont, CA: Man gets trapped inside his truck by down power lines.

ZachNews received this cellular phone video of a man who got trapped inside his truck after power lines came down on his truck.

This incident happened at 5:00pm PT on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 along Oak Glen Road in Beaumont, California.


The video, filmed by Don Bradley and sent to ZachNews courtesy of NBC affiliate KNBC Channel 4, shows a police department vehicle blocking the road and a power line laying on the driver side mirror of his truck.


Don Bradley, seen in this picture next to his Ford red truck, was driving home in his 2 week old new truck when he was slammed by golf ball size hail and lightning stuck a power pole next to him knocking the power pole down.

** Video at ZachNews on YouTube: **

– Beaumont, CA: 7-30-2015: Man trapped inside truck by down power lines.

Don Bradley was not injured, but had to be rescued by Southern California Edison Workers.

The 2 week old truck suffered major damage due to the hail.

Don Bradley lives in Yucapia, California, but is also a part time resident of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Don Bradley also owners 2 gas stations in the Lake Havasu City, Arizona area including Hava Gas (Currently known as the Valero Gas Station) located at 2085 Palo Verde Blvd North in Lake Havasu City, Arizona as well as the Motor & Boat, Food & Fuel (Currently known as the Neighbors Texaco) located at 2890 Jamaica Boulevard South in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.


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