Weather Alert!!: Colorado River Tri-State: Storm approaching communities along the Colorado River.

ZachNews -- Weather Alert!!

Weather Alert!!: Colorado River Tri-State: Storm approaching communities along the Colorado River.

ZachNews has spotted on the National Weather Service weather radar a storm with moderate to heavy rain falling approaching communities along the Colorado River in the Colorado River Tri-State area.

If you are living in or hanging out the Colorado River Tri-State area in Mohave County, Arizona including Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Topock, Arizona, Mohave Valley, Arizona, and Bullhead City, Arizona; in San Bernardino County, California including Vidal Junction, California, Needles, California, and Goffs, California; and in Clark County, Nevada including Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada and Laughlin, Nevada should all be on watch and prepare for any changes in weather condition, to get indoors in case of lightning happens, and to stay away from flash flooded areas.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for until Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 8:00pm PT for southeast California and southern Nevada including Clark County, Nevada.

** More information regarding Flash Flood Watch: **

Lightning has been seen in Mohave Valley, Arizona from Needles, California as dark clouds begin to move into the Needles, California area.

If you are driving in the Colorado River Tri-State area, drivers should use caution and be prepare for any changes in weather condition, especially if driving along roads; highways including Highway 95 as well as Route 66, State Route 62, and State Route 163; and interstates including Interstate 40 and Interstate 15.

Drivers in or around communities in the Flash Flood Watch areas should be prepared, use caution if stormy weather conditions arrive, and if roads, highways, or interstates get flooded, “Turn Around Don’t Drown”!!

Never play is a flash flood channel, wash, or creek during severe storms as fast moving water can swift you away and possibly injure you or kill you.

If you see anybody in danger swift away in a flash flood or witness any life threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately and please make sure to be detailed as possible on where the location of the emergency is located as well as what city and state the emergency is in as we are in a Colorado River Tri-State area with California, Arizona, and Nevada close to each other.

In case of any Monsoon weather related problems, you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors should always be prepare for the storms by having an action plan in case you have to evacuate from you home or business and make sure you have an emergency survival kit with flashlights with fully charged batteries, bandages, antibiotic product, rubbing alcohol, medication, drinking water, canned foods and meals ready-to-eat, extra, clothes and shoes, working weather radio, and other emergency survival related items.

** More weather safety tips and information is at the following National Weather Service website address: **

** More weather information and weather radars for your area at the National Weather Service website at: **

** Weather radar for the Colorado River Tri-State area including for the community of Needles, California is at the National Weather Service website address: **

Stay tuned to ZachNews as Monsoon Watch 2015 will be in the Monsoon storm’s path reporting on the storms as well as posting pictures and videos of the storms when they hit our community.

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