Breaking News!!: Desert Center, CA: Bridge collapsed along eastbound Interstate 10.


Breaking News!!: Desert Center, CA: Bridge collapsed along eastbound Interstate 10.

A bridge collapsed along the eastbound Interstate 10 at the mile post 188 bridge near Eagle Mountain Road in Desert Center, California at 5:13pm PT on Sunday, July 19th, 2015.

According to the Riverside County Fire Department, the bridge collapsed trapped a truck beneath the debris.

Fire department firefighters responded and began a cut and rescue operation.

Indicated that the truck driver was trapped but a passenger made it out of the vehicle.

Traffic is still very backed up on Interstate 10 for many miles and the California Highway Patrol is asking drivers that they should not get on the Interstate 10 and head east at this moment.

Eastbound Interstate 10 is closed before Eagle Mountain Drive, officers are diverting westbound traffic at Corn Springs Road, and eastbound traffic at Chiraco Summit.

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