Breaking News!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Possible microburst hits Needles, California.


Breaking News!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Possible microburst hits Needles, California.

A possible microburst has hit in Needles, California area at around 7:00pm PT on Friday, July 17th, 2015.

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ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez captured the possible microburst hitting McDonald’s restaurant in Downtown Needles, California.

** Video: Downtown Needles, CA: 7-17-2015: Microburst.: **


There is reports of flooding along Highway 95 south of Needles, California and along West Broadway just after Front Street in Downtown Needles, California.


There was a big rig truck that flipped over on its side along eastbound Interstate 40 before East Broadway in Needles, California.

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Traffic was backed up on eastbound Interstate 40 pass J Street.

Police scanner traffic have been also reporting other traffic accidents and vehicles stuck along roads, highway, and interstates all related to the storm.

Reports of power outages in portions Colorado River Tri-State areas including in Needles, California near the Dollar Tree Store, along Needles Highway and West Broadway, and north along Needles Highway according to residents telling ZachNews. Majority of the power has been restored in the Needles, California area.


Damage was found at River Edge Golf Course in Needles, California.

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Damage at the Toe Truck Storage Yard in Needles, California.

A large tree is down at Nikki Bunch Memorial Field off J Street in Needles, California.

Police scanner traffic busy as first responders are checking different reports of accidents and flooding related problems caused by the storm.


The right turn lane from eastbound Needles Highway onto southbound West Broadway in Needles, California is closed due to flooding as well as the K Street Underpass closed also due to flooding.

There are reports of flooding along Needles Highway near Aha Macav Pkwy in Needles, California; along Highway 95 just east of Goffs, California and south of the railroad tracks; along Highway 95 south of Five Mile Road in Needles, California; and along County Highway 1 going into Topock, Arizona.

ZachNews captured the possible microburst as it slammed into Needles, California and will be posting the videos up at ZachNews on YouTube.

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