News Update!!: Needles, CA: Truck crash with minor injuries on eastbound Interstate 40.


News Update!!: Needles, CA: Truck crash with minor injuries on eastbound Interstate 40.

According to California Highway Patrol Dispatch, there was a report of a “T.C” (Traffic Collision) along eastbound Interstate 40 just east of East Broadway in Needles, California with a person sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

The call of the traffic collision came in at around 3:34pm PT on Monday, July 13th, 2015.

ZachNews was able to go by the traffic collision and as ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez rode by the traffic collision and filmed what was happening.


California Highway Patrol Officers were seen around a white truck which was facing westbound along the dirt shoulder of the eastbound Interstate 40 and black tire marking were seen across eastbound lanes of Interstate 40.



A California Highway Patrol Officer was seen holding a shotgun right and walking away from the white truck well ZachNews passes by them.

** Video: Truck Crash Aftermath: **

ZachNews asked California Highway Patrol Dispatch if they had any other information related to the white truck traffic collision, and other then a caller who called in that a white truck crossed over the lanes, that is what they have available at this moment.

** Stay tuned to ZachNews for more news updates with more information regarding this news story. **



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