Needles, California Weather:



Needles, California Weather:


** Needles, California Weather: **

– Sunday:

Partly sunny and hot, high near 109*F.

Heat index values as high as 112*F.

East wind 6 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.

– Sunday Night:

Partly cloudy, low around 87*F.

South southwest wind 5 to 11 mph.

– Monday:

Mostly sunny and hot, high near 108*F.

South wind 6 to 11 mph.

– Monday Night:

Mostly clear, low around 86*F.

South southwest wind 5 to 10 mph becoming light after 12:00am PT.


** Happy Independence Day and Weekend!! **

Hope everybody had fun at the firework shows and are ready to continuing the fun into Sunday.

When everybody celebrates Independence Day and Weekend, please remember to party safely and responsibly, specially around alcohol and fireworks.

If you are allow to set off fireworks, do so safely and responsibly.

If weather condition are too dangerous for fireworks and can put other people and properties in danger, do not set off the fireworks. If you are not allow to set off fireworks, do not set off fireworks.

If fireworks are being set off in your area and you have pets, make sure that your pets are being cared for so they are not to run away from your home out of fear of the sound of fireworks.

Be sure your pets are tag and microchip with your current information so that your pets can be found.

Remember to not drink and drive both on land and on the water.

Make sure to have a designated driver to take you home.

Also, do not text and drive both on land and on the water.

Make sure you have all your attention on what is all around you when driving both on land and on the water as there will be many other people all around you enjoy Independence Day and Weekend too.

Thank You and Enjoy Your Independence Day and Weekend.


**** Monsoon Season 2015: ****

In case of any Monsoon weather related problems, such as what happened overnight on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015, you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors should always be prepare for the storms by having an action plan in case you have to evacuate from you home or business and make sure you have an emergency survival kit with flashlights with fully charged batteries, bandages, antibiotic product, rubbing alcohol, medication, drinking water, canned foods and meals ready-to-eat, extra, clothes and shoes, working weather radio, and other emergency survival related items.

** More weather safety tips and information is at the following National Weather Service website address: **

Stay tuned to ZachNews as Monsoon Watch 2015 will begin early and will be in the storm’s path reporting on the storms as well as posting pictures and videos of the storms when they hit our community.

Follow ZachNews on Twitter and the Twitter Hashtags:

#Monsoon2015 #MonsoonWatch #MonsoonWatch2015 #StormWatch #StormWatch2015 #Storm #Storms #Thunderstorm #Thunderstorms #Duststorm #Duststorms


** More weather information and weather radars for your area at the National Weather Service website at: **

** Weather radar for the Colorado River Tri-State area including for the community of Needles, California is at the National Weather Service website address: **


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