Breaking News!!: Del Rosa, CA: Vegetation fire burning.


Breaking News!!: Del Rosa, CA: Vegetation fire burning.

There are reports of a vegetation fire burning in the mountains near Del Rosa, California.

The vegetation fire, also being named the “Sterling Fire” is around 60 acres in the area of Foothill Drive and Sterling Avenue in Del Rosa, California.

The vegetation fire is reportedly moving north into the San Bernardino Mountains.

The vegetation fire started at around 6:30pm PT on Thursday, June 25th, 2015.

Fire department including San Bernardino Fire Department as well as forest crews are battling this vegetation fire on the ground and in the sky.


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There are reports that a drone was seen flying in the area of this vegetation fire as water dropping aircraft is working to put out this vegetation fire.

Authorities are asking the public to not be flying your drones over this vegetation fire or any wildfires for that prevents fire department crews from putting out this vegetation fire and other wildfires.


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