Breaking News!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Detailed information from a resident on who he knows started fire a week ago.

Breaking News!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Detailed information from a resident on who he knows started fire a week ago.

ZachNews has spoken to a man who lives in Downtown Needles, California who knows who started the fire on Saturday, June 13th, 2015 on I Street in Downtown Needles, California which burned and destroyed 3 structures.

This resident, we’re naming as “Person D”, tells ZachNews that a man, “Person D”‘s nephew, and a woman were trying to plug in an air conditioner inside a boarded up building using an extension cord when it catch on fire, and they ran off because they didn’t want anybody to know that they were staying inside that boarded up building “illegally.

This resident,”Person D”, also tells ZachNews that they were able to get electricity from other near by buildings.

When asked if this was an accident, “Person D” said, “this wasn’t no accident with him.”

This resident, “Person D”, also tells ZachNews that they had their stuff and food inside the building and even had a party there, which “Person D” said they got into the building by removing the wooden board that was nailed on the door, and used that wooden board to cover the door as like nobody was there.

ZachNews asked for a name which “Person D” didn’t want to provide that information, and when asked if the 2 people have seen, “Person D” couldn’t provide a sure location.

ZachNews informed him to come forward and that what the 2 people did was wrong to run away from the fire, which he didn’t respond to that comment.

ZachNews has passed this information to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

** Stay tuned to ZachNews for more news updates with more information regarding this news story. **

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