News Update!!: Needles, CA: Latest information regarding Thursday night’s police pursuit.


News Update!!: Needles, CA: Latest information regarding Thursday night’s police pursuit.

ZachNews has the latest information regarding a police pursuit that happened on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 in Needles, California.

According to the California Highway Patrol in Needles, California, at around 10:20pm PT, a California Highway Patrol Officer was patrolling on West Broadway at D Street in Downtown Needles, California.

The California Highway Patrol Officer observed a vehicle traveling westbound on West Broadway speeding through the stop light intersection of D Street and West Broadway.

The vehicle made a u-turn then went eastbound on West Broadway at over 70 mph.

The vehicle went eastbound on West Broadway then onto East Broadway (West Broadway turns into East Broadway) going south to Interstate 40 where the drive went onto the on ramp to eastbound Interstate 40.

Driving on eastbound Interstate 40, the vehicle went pass the Five Mile Road bridge and the vehicle made a u-turn exiting off eastbound Interstate 40 using the on ramp.

No other vehicles were driving on the on ramp onto eastbound Interstate 40 from Five Mile Road when the vehicle being chased went the wrong way on the on ramp.

The vehicle then went over Interstate 40 on Five Mile Road and drove onto a dirt road that leads to the railroad tracks.

The vehicle drove south for 2 miles away on the dirt road until the vehicle hit a dirt berm.

The driver got out of the vehicle and ran off from authorities, but the driver was located and taken into police custody at around 10:50pm PT.

The suspect, describe by the California Highway Patrol as a 34 year old male from Needles, California, was unarmed and wasn’t injured.

The suspect was arrested for evading police and for driving under the influence.

At least 3 California Highway Patrol vehicles chased the suspect and may had assistant by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.


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