News Update!!: Needles, CA: Latest information regarding Saturday’s police pursuit.



News Update!!: Needles, CA: Latest information regarding Saturday’s police pursuit.




ZachNews continues to collect more information regarding a police pursuit first reported on ZachNews at around 1:05am PT Saturday.




A customer and an employee at Cubs’ Liquor Store tells ZachNews that they seen a California Highway Patrol vehicle and a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department vehicle were seen chasing a truck westbound on West Broadway speeding pass D Street in Downtown Needles, California.




ZachNews listened into the reports over police dispatch as the police pursuit raced pass G Street then headed over the West Broadway overpass that goes over the railroad tracks.




The last known location of the police pursuit was reported by police dispatch at around 1:14am PT Saturday at West Broadway near Needles Highway in Needles, California.




The police dispatcher also said that Fort Mojave Tribal Police were joining in the chase.




No further information would follow after that last police dispatch reported.




ZachNews worked into the night to find out where the police pursuit went from there and stayed up all night awaiting updates, but received no further updates.






As morning came in the community, ZachNews has received several information from ZachNews followers regarding the police pursuit.




ZachNews has learned that the vehicle in the police pursuit was a sliver or gray color truck and the police pursuit may have started somewhere in the Golden Valley, Arizona or Kingman, Arizona area.




As the police pursuit made their way along Interstate 40 where as the police pursuit passes Highway 95, the Needles Inspection Station was alerted of the approaching police pursuit.




The police pursuit went pass the Needles Inspection Station on westbound Interstate 40 heading into Needles, California where ZachNews has learned the police pursuit exited off the westbound Interstate 40 at East Broadway then headed into Downtown Needles, California.




Unconfirmed reports that the person in the truck was a male and was being chased for either robbing a bank or breaking into an automated teller machine (A.T.M.).




At around 1:45am PT Sunday, ZachNews has received reports from residents and even a bicyclist that the police pursuit was seen on K Street going at speeds over 70 mph and the truck, described as a gray Nissan or Mitsubishi truck, went over the Needles Bridge into Mohave Valley, Arizona and 5 police vehicles then were seen parked in the dirt lot near the intersection of K Street and Needles Highway in Needles, California.




Also, ZachNews was informed that the police pursuit ended near La Entrada and Calle Del Media in Mohave Valley, Arizona and what one person looked to be a gray truck in a dry wash near by, but could not see if anybody arrested anybody, but heard that authorities did arrest a suspect. A bad wake up for many I am told who though it was fire department trucks resting to an accident or here in Needles, California, a fire.




Stay tuned to ZachNews for more news updates with more information regarding this news story.




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