Sacramento, CA: A compromise bill that bans carry out plastic bags statewide in California.



Sacramento, CA: A compromise bill that bans carry out plastic bags statewide in California.






On Thursday, Key California legislators in Sacramento, California have reached an agreement that could lead to a statewide ban on carry out plastic bags at liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, and pharmacies.






In 2013, California State Senator Alex Padilla, a Democratic for Pacoima, California and sponsored California’s Senate Bill 405, would have phased out such plastic bags at grocery stores, liquor stores, and pharmacies, but California’s Senate Bill 405 fell short by 3 votes in the California State Senate.






California State Senator Alex Padilla has since reworked the bill with some colleagues and changes that should win over key lawmakers.






California’s Senate Bill 270 would end the use of plastic carry out plastic bags at grocery stores and pharmacies reportedly on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 and at convenience stores and liquor stores one year later in 2016.






Some of those revisions made would require retailers to charge at least 10 cents for a reusable, paper, or compostable bag.




The 10 cent fee is intended to reimburse retailers for the cost of providing alternative bags and to encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags to the store.






The new measures would ban single use carry out bags in grocery stores starting Wednesday, July 1, 2015, and extend the prohibition to pharmacies and liquor stores by the year 2016.




Single use plastic bags would be prohibited starting next year under a new compromise bill to be introduced by lawmakers.




The new measure would require reusable bags to contain 20% recycled content at first and 40% by 2020.




Consumers in California would pay at least 10 cents for each recycled paper bag or reusable plastic bag they can get from their local grocery stores.






Some California legislators had worried that businesses in their districts would be hurt.




But some California lawmakers who led the opposition in recent years support the new compromise, which would allow grocers to charge at least a dime for bags made of recycled paper, reusable plastic and compostable materials.




In addition, the State of California would allow businesses to tap $2 million in recycling funds to retool manufacturing plants and retrain workers who make plastic bags.




Plastic Bag Bans are already in effect in nearly 100 cities and counties in California including Los Angeles, California which went into effect on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 and is reportedly the largest city to ban plastic bags.






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