Downtown Needles, CA: A burrito of fire challenge at the Burger Hut.


Downtown Needles, CA: A burrito of fire challenge at the Burger Hut.

Burger Hut reopened on Sunday with fire as they announced their new burrito challenge; a burrito of fire.

A large burrito with your choice of ground beef, shredded beef, carne asada, or chicken and topped with a load of chunky salsa sauce with is a mixture of habanero peppers, jalapeno, sweet peppers, and the “Ghost Pepper” (Bhot Jolokia) which is the world’s hottest chili pepper as well as onions and cilantro for favor.

This large burrito cost $6.00 and if you take the challenge, you will have 10 minutes to finish the whole burrito and it’s leftovers on the plate and wait for another 10 minutes before drinking anything to cool you down; no water or milk.

All together, a total of 20 minutes of fire and nothing to cool you down from the fire heat in you unless you quit.

If you win the challenge, you will receive ice cream and something to cool you down, your $6.00 back, a t-shirt, and have your picture on their wall next to those who have dared to eat this large burrito of fire and survive the challenge.

But, if you quit at any time or drink something, you will not receive your $6.00 back but at least you will be able to drink something icy and cold.

Are you daring enough to take the challenge and eat this large burrito of fire?

Burger Hut is open between Sunday to Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm PT.

Burger Hut is located at 701 West Broadway near D Street in Downtown Needles, California.

For more information about Burger Hut’s fire burrito challenge or Burger Hut’s daily specials, contact Burger Hut at: 1 (760) 326-2342.

More information can also be found at the following Burger Hut on Facebook website address:

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