Wrightwood, CA: Extensive area search finds victim of car accident.

Wrightwood, California Map  

Wrightwood, CA: Extensive area search finds victim of car accident.

At around 9:22am PT on Saturday, January 11th, 2014, a report of a vehicle over the side of the road was called in through the 911 system to the San Bernardino County Communications Center.

The caller reported a vehicle approximately 100’ down an embankment and would be waiting on the highway until emergency responders arrived.

One medic engine as well as an A.L.S. medic ambulance was dispatched along with an engine from the United States Forest Service (U.S.F.S.) to bring nine emergency personnel to the scene of the accident along Highway 2 which was located approximately one and a half miles west of the Wrightwood, California.

An extensive area search was completed by personnel on scene, who were also joined by a Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Department Search and Rescue Volunteer team who was in the area.

The subsequent search found one victim deceased at the scene.

The search and rescue team stayed on scene to assist the coroner with the extraction of the victim due to the terrain in the accident area.

This accident occurred in the County of Los Angeles, but the San Bernardino County Fire Department has a mutual aid response plan with the Los Angeles County Fire Department to assist with all fires, rescues and medical aids near the town of Wrightwood.

This incident is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol and all questions relating to the accident should be referred to them.

Please remember that when an emergency vehicle is approaching you to move your car as safely as possible to the right.

If you find yourself in an intersection please remember to stay put and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.


** (Map Was Made By ZachNews Using Google Earth) **

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