Downtown Needles, CA: Burger Hut Closed: Day 3.

Downtown Needles, CA- Burger Hut Closed- Day 3.- Pictures- Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Downtown Needles, CA: Burger Hut Closed: Day 3.

At around 1:00pm PT on Thursday, January 9th, 2014, work was underway to try to unclog the drain line at Burger Hut located at 701 West Broadway near D Street in Downtown Needles, California.

A snake tool was seen being used to unclog the line well employees at Burger Hut, City of Needles Code Enforcement, and a employee from Colorado River Plumbing were seen pointing and discussing what would need to be done to fix the line and where the line is located.

The location of the line, which runs from the Burger Hut property into the street is something being looked into so that, in case the line is broken, who would be responsible for that line to be repaired.

A camera with be sent into the line on Friday to find out where the problem is located.

Well this was going on, customers continue to stop in as well as call into Burger Hut wondering if Burger Hut is reopen yet.

Burger Hut remains closed until the problem is unclogged, fixed, or repaired.

According to customers, Burger Hut has been here for more then 50 years and is a popular stop for travelers driving along the historic and world famous Route 66 highway.

Many hope Burger Hut reopens soon.

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