News Update!!: Riverside, CA: Police pursuit ends in spin out and arrest.


News Update!!: Riverside, CA: Police pursuit ends in spin out and arrest.


A police pursuit has just ended at around 9:25pm PT Monday night with a male person under arrest.


The police pursuit reportedly started at around 8:00pm PT in San Bernardino County, California and started to head into the Riverside, California area.


Authorities are saying that the driver in the white or silver sedan may have been wanted for armed robbery.


NBC affiliate KNBC Channel 4 was over the police pursuit as the police pursuit went through the communities of Riverside, California; Loma Linda, California; and Norco, California than the police pursuit headed back into Riverside, California driving on interstates and speeding pass stop signs and red light signals on the streets.


The police pursuit ended near Cypress Avenue and Norwood Avenue after the driver tried to avoid 2 spike strip on the street then jumped out of the vehicle and began running jumping over fences and running through backyards of homes.


The driver was momentarily chased by a dog well running through a backyard of a home.


The driver then started running with his hands then crawled atop what looked like a shed, small structure, or homemade stage in the backyard of a home well laying on his stomach with his arms spread.


Authorities arrested the male person on the ground in the back yard of a home.


More information is still coming into ZachNews.



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