Needles, CA: Public hearing regarding amending approved Tentative Parcel Map subdividing property.

Needles, CA: Public hearing regarding amending approved Tentative Parcel Map subdividing property.

A public hearing was held during last Tuesday’s Needles City Council Meeting regarding amending approved Tentative Parcel Map No. 19348 to subdivide a 2.083 +/- acre parcel into 2 parcels in Needles, California.

According to information in the agenda packet, lot #1 1.001 acre lot, #2 1.084 acre is located in the Commercial, Residential, and Resort (C.R.R.) Zone off of My Place Road just north of Budweiser Road also known as Assessor’s Parcel No. #660-261-43.

On Tuesday, August 13th, 2013, members of the Needles City Council approved Resolution No. 2013-32, rescinding Condition No. 5 of Parcel Map No. 16464, approved in 2004, and requiring the formation of a Homeowners Association to share in the cost of paving and maintaining the easement known as “My Place Road”, along the parcels created by PM 16464. It’s noted that to the south of this referenced parcel, “My Place Road” is a dedicated street.

Parcel Map No. 19348, approved in 2012, was created by Parcel Map No. 16464, referenced above. During the approval process in 2012, it was determined that the pavement requirement, referenced above, was not completed, and a condition of approval for Parcel Map No. 19348, was the completion of the pavement requirement or a deposit with the City of Needles for the property owner’s share of the expense associated with it. 

With the elimination of the pavement requirement noted above, the approved Tentative Parcel Pap No. 19348 requires amendment to remove the pavement requirement from its list of Conditions of Approval.

In addition, the applicant’s engineer has requested the elimination of Condition #3, the requirement to create a maintaining the private drive used for ingress/egress of both properties.

The fiscal impact would be construction of residential dwelling unit or units.

There is no environmental impact related to this agenda item.

Members of the Needles City Council voted unanimously to approve the agenda item.

Watch the video at the following ZachNews on YouTube website address:

– Needles City Council: 10-8-2013: Item #5:


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