Hello ZachNews Followers and Fans:

Hello ZachNews Followers and Fans; for more then a week, ZachNews has been down and was unable to repair the problem. ZachNews is temporary back on now.

It has been a very stressful with in trying to get back online again because with very limited funding, I can only buy the equipment I can afford or try other means to get back online.

ZachNews has been funded independently by myself for close to 3 years now and not funded no other source. A lot of my covering of the news in Needles, California is by walking to or running to those news stories.

ZachNews has gone so far that I never even guest it would last this long what I started 3 years ago this August. When people tell me that they follow ZachNews because it’s a new source for news and for information, that brings me joy and energy to continue doing ZachNews.

ZachNews is and will still be here reporting for the people no matter what and will not go away.

I will be making some changes and updates because of being off line for more then a week. News stories from today on will be reported.

I thank you to the many who follow ZachNews and if you would like to help ZachNews grow, please contact me by mail to the address listed.

Take Care Everybody.

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