News Update!!: Wildfire in Kearny, Arizona.

News Update!!: Kearny, AZ: Wildfire in Kearny, Arizona.

** Updated at 12:30pm MST on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013: **

A wildfire sparked up Monday afternoon in Kearny, Arizona which is prompting some residents in the area to be evacuated from their homes.

According to Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Tim Gaffney, his office received numerous calls from residents in Kearny, Arizona who reported that a lightning strike sparked the fire around 5:15pm MST on Monday near the San Pedro River.

The wildfire has burned at least 500 acres with 10 percent contained.

Fire department crews have stopped the progress of the Shipman Fire burning a quarter-mile south of Kearny, Arizona.

All evacuations for the town of Kearny were lifted on Tuesday, but remain in place for a small trailer park south of Kearny, Arizona.

Residents of a trailer park in Kearny, Arizona on Monday were evacuated due to the wildfire.

As of Wednesday, the wildfire has burned at least a home.

At least 8 fire department trucks and 5 fire department hand crews remain on scene as well as a spotter plane and 2 helicopters.

According to a Verizon Spokeswoman Jenny Weaver, mobile phone service has been restored to the area after and there was no damage to the Kearny, Arizona lost connectivity due to the wildfire.


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