A overheated cat was found near a dumpster.

Needles, CA: A overheated cat was found near a dumpster.

Sources tell ZachNews that a cat was found near a dumpster and in the extreme heat.

An employee at the Needles Animal Shelter reportedly was alerted to the cat being found the overheated cat near a dumpster at around 11:30am PT on Tuesday.

According to the Needles Animal Shelter, the cat is now safe and under the care of caring people.

The person or persons who lefted the cat near the dumpster could of brought the cat in to the Needles Animal Shelter located at 1109 Civic Center Drive in Needles, California and turned the cat over to the caring staffers at the Needles Animal Shelter.

Leaving a cat or any pet in the extreme heat or cold and near some dumpster is wrong.

For more information, please contact the Needles Animal Shelter at: 1 (760) 326-4952.


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