Breaking News!!: Wildfire happening in Kearny, Arizona.

Breaking News!!: Kearny, AZ: Wildfire happening in Kearny, Arizona.

A wildfire has sparked in Kearny, Arizona which is prompting some residents in the area to be evacuated from their homes.

According to Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Tim Gaffney, his office received numerous calls from residents in Kearny, Arizona who reported that a lightning strike sparked the fire around 5:15pm MST on Monday near the San Pedro River.

Fire department crews from Kearny, Arizona are on scene and have reported 2 separate active fire scenes.

According to Arizona State Forestry Spokeswoman Carrie Dennett, the Shipman Fire has burned 75 acres as of 6:45pm MST and is moving north, threatening several structures to the northeast.

The wildfire is burning on State Route 177 at Mile Post 144, have already forced residents in the Stephens Trailer Park from their homes.

According to a Arizona Department of Transportation officials, State Route 177 has been shut down from Mile Posts 141 to Mile Posts 146 because of smoke from the nearby wildfire.


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