News Update!!: Plane crash at San Francisco International Airport.

News Update!!: San Francisco, CA: Plane crash at San Francisco International Airport.

** Updated at 3:07pm PT on Saturday, July 6th, 2013: **

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, California around 11:30am PT on Saturday.

CBS affiliate KPIX Channel 5 is reporting that 2 people are dead and 61 people are injuries.

NBC affiliate KNTV Channel 11 is reporting that fire department officials are confirmeing at least 2 people were killed and preliminary reports indicated up to 70 people were hospitalized.

An San Francisco International Airport spokesperson could not confirm the status of the passengers.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators are being sent to San Francisco International Airport to investigate the plane crash.

Some reports that first responders have transported between 40 to 77 people to local hospitals and a person was transported by United States Coast Guard.

It was flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, initially said to be a cargo plane – but later was identified as a passenger jet.

291 people were reportedly on board the plane including a group of vacationing Korean school children, but there was no official word on any casualties.

Witnesses at the airport saw some passengers evacuated by emergency slides from the plane.

The San Francisco Fire Department indicated it was aware of at least 12 passengers transported to local hospitals.

The crash happened as the jet was landing at San Francisco International Airport.

Witnesses are saying that they heard a loud bang, the tail came apart from the plane and black smoke billowed into the air which wad visible for miles.

First responder vehicles were on the scene immediately afterwards and there were reports of a major triage operation taking place.

The San Francisco International Airport has been closed and no flights were being allowed in or out of San Francisco International Airport after the crash.

It was believed that flights were being diverted to the airports in Oakland, California and San Jose, California.


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