Tanker moved out of Santa Fe Park last Wednesday.

Downtown Needles, CA: Tanker moved out of Santa Fe Park last Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, the long and awaiting day had came as the large tanker was lifted out of the ground at Santa Fe Park in Downtown Needles, California to be sent to a scrap yard.

This picture taken by Robert Shaw shows the large size of this tanker which now being called an old railroad tanker car which moving crews had to move the tanker using a crane then move the tanker safely around near by trees and light poles.

Well construction crews were moving the tanker out of the hole in the ground of Santa Fe Park, the tanker touched a near by wooden light pole tower and cliped off some tree branches.

A representative from the San Bernardino County Fire was there overseeing the moving of the tanker and to inspect the area for any leaks from the tanker.

According to the City of Needles, the tanker was holding kerosene and some of the kerosene may have leaked into the soil.

Soil samples were reportedly takeen during the tanker removal and sent to a lab for confirmation and results of the test will be later sent to the City of Needles.

According to the City of Needles, the possible contamination of the soil is reported to be limited and the soil will be dug out, put on plastic, and sent to a separate location to be burned.

Construction crews lowered the tanker on top of a flat bed big rig truck and moved the tanker out to a scrap yard.

Other questions regarding the tanker including how long the tanker was sitting under Santa Fe Park and who will be paying for the moving of the tanker were submitted to both Kinney Construction Services and the City of Needles, but ZachNews has gotten no responses to our questions.

The large tanker was found while construction crew as they were digging to put in a 15-inch pipe for utility purposes as part of the on going construction on the El Garces Intermodal Remodel project.

Since ZachNews first reported on the tanker, the tanker became a hot topic in daily discussions and some coming by to take pictures of the old tanker.


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