Discussing the need to help people who are homeless and veterans in our community.


Needles, CA: Discussing the need to help people who are homeless and veterans in our community.

Here in the hot Mojave Desert of Southern California, being homeless out here in the extreme heat of the summer or extreme cold of the winter isn’t fun and health. trying to find something to eat or a place to rest safely is very hard to find. Being homeless and a United States Veterans is also hard as services to help United States Veterans are far away with some without no transportation to get there. 

Those in the community of Needles, California want something done to help all homeless people and veterans who should have the services they need after serving to protect our country and our freedoms. 

During a Needles City Council Meeting held on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013, Mike Dunlap with supporters, discuss his plan and goal in creating a safe place for homeless people and veterans to go to and feel both safe and welcomed.

Mike Dunlap wants to create a center that will offer free emergency food, food feeding center for local homeless, services for veterans, homeless assistance referrals, housing referrals, job search resumes, Internet and computer access center, free telephone access, volunteer work program, no cost mentally ill and substance addiction counseling, shower vouchers, housing referrals, emergency housing, AA Meetings, and a place to get out of the extreme heat and cold. 

The center would be operated by caring and helpful volunteers and would also offer services for those in the community in emergencies.

Mike Dunlap wants to have this center be a place to eat and receive a variety of other services to help homeless people, veterans, and those in need help from helpful and caring volunteers from our community.

The center would provide volunteer opportunities which the City of Needles would like as has been wanting for the last year in cleaning up their community and helping in community projects.

Mike Dunlap owns a home in Needles, California and has witness the ups and downs of the community and the needs that the community has been demanding.

Mike Dunlap plans to stay for a long time in this community which has been very hopeful when disasters hit their community. When a family loses their home and children or when a women is dropped off far her home and now homeless in the Mojave Desert, the community of Needles, California comes to the aid and helps those in need. 

Mike Dunlap told the members of the Needles City Council that this is about those who are helped and the other volunteers who will be helping. The volunteers are the ones who make it happen, and he plans to get the center started well in the process of working with local groups and churches in the community who provide similar services to both the homeless and veterans. 

Mike Dunlap wants to bring those caring and helpful groups and churches together for a common cause of helping people. 

Mike Dunlap informed members of the Needles City Council that he has had success with this before and had worked with churches and other groups in Wheatridge, Colorado which those groups had a lot of success in helping homeless people and veterans get off the streets by starting off with small jobs such as painting street numbers.

Mike Dunlap also had much success in Flagstaff, Arizona and in Ontario, California where he had done similar work with, “Tent City” where he started a campsite for the homeless well helping those who were homeless get started again.

Mike Dunlap said to members of the Needles City Council that it is a small income, but it helps give homeless people some money to save and eventually get on their feet again and the idea behind the center is to get people on their feet again.

Once the center is started, the group in it’s entirety will be a nonprofit, he said. 

Mike Dunlap informed the members of the Needles City Council that a 501 (c) (3) status isn’t required, but all operations of the group will be available for viewing and wants to keep the entire project transparent, including any donations that will be made.

Mike Dunlap was hoping to see about using the building where the Tri-State Alano Club is located near the intersection of Third Street and E Street near Downtown Needles, California, but several issues are needed to be reviewed before any forward progress can be made, including talking with the Tri-State Alano Club.

Mike Dunlap is hoping to get the same deal as the Tri-State Alano Club renting the building for $1.00 annually.

Mike Dunlap hopes things can be worked out and that the services needed will come to those who need them. 

The question is will the City of Needles do something about helping the homeless and veterans here in our community. This issue came up before in October 2012 which no answers where given out or any ideas to both help the homeless and veterans well helping to address issues of loitering at Santa Fe Park and entering into abandoned buildings. 

During that Needles City Council Meeting, some spoke up wanting to see more services here in the community so to help solve the homeless issue. Some who were also there at that Needles City Council Meeting joked and gave sarcasm about what the City of Needles should do with the homeless people. 

The community of Needles California now waits for the City of Needles to either help those who are homeless and veterans or put this important issue again on the burned for the next members of the Needles City Council. 

Until then, those who are homeless try to survive in the over 100*F degree temperatures and veterans have to find a way to travel far out of the community to receive services that they do not have here. 

Please give thanks to all the hard working, caring, and helpful volunteers of our community and please continue to donate to your local homeless and veterans center. 

Thank You.

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