San Bernardino County Fire Department talks about Wildfire Preparedness.


San Bernardino County, CA: San Bernardino County Fire Department talks about Wildfire Preparedness.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department wants the residents and the public to get you, your family, and property ready in case of a wildfire.

Accidental or purposely cause wildfires can be from a lit cigarette and a campfire left left unattended, to a vehicle fire on the side of a road or house fire in the hills, or from lightning like a wildfire seen in this picture that happened near Jack Smith Park on Monday, August 13th, 2012.

You, your family, and property should be ready and prepare in case a wildfire happens near your home or property.

According to the San Bernardino County Fire Department, dangerous wildfires threaten Southern California lives each year. Dry and hot winds are capable of pushing wildfire incredibly fast into neighborhoods far from the edge of native vegetation. When dry native brush explodes, a single wind driven speak can ignite one roof and send sparks to other roofs.

** Reduce the risk to your family and property by following these Wildfire Preparedness tips in brush clearance: **

– Reduce flammable vegetation like dry brush, grass, and dead leaves a minimum of 30 feet around the perimeter of you home or property. If your home or property is located on a steep terrain, or surrounded by dense vegetation, provide even more clearance up to 100 feet. Contact your local fire department for exact brush clearance rules in your area.

– Remove trees and brushes planted against your home or property, they can ignite and spread flames to the home or property.

– Cut dead limbs overhanging any buildings and remove limbs within 10 feet of the chimney opening.

– Stack fire wood neatly away from structures and keep covered.

– Plant and maintain trees at least 10 feet apart, not in close groups and keep ornamental plants in a green and healthy condition.

– Check with your local nursery and purchase fire resistant plants. Landscaping with the right materials can provide an attractive and fire resistant barrier.

– Inside your home or property, have an emergency kit ready and have important papers in a carrying case that can be taken with you in case you are told to evacuate from you home or property.

– If a wildfire happens near your home or property and you are told to evacuate, please follow their orders to evacuate. Make sure to tune into your local news outlets for information on where the wildfire is located, what roads, highways, or interstates are closed, and where are the nearest emergency shelters.

** You can watch the video filmed by ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez of the Jack Smith Park Wildfire from Monday, August 13th, 2012 at the following ZachNews on YouTube website address: **

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