Exclusive!!: New pictures of what was found under Santa Fe Park.


Exclusive!!: Downtown Needles, CA: New pictures of what was found under Santa Fe Park.

Many in the community of Needles, California are wondering what was that thing that was found next to the old El Garces Hotel just underground of Santa Fe Park in Downtown Needles, California on Tuesday.

Most are saying a large old railroad tanker car, well others are calling it a large tank for water or gas.

Sources tell ZachNews that people were seen testing what was inside the tanker on Wednesday trying to find out is there is any hazardous materials.

ZachNews broke this discovery on Tuesday after receiving several news tip of a possible railroad tanker car being found under Santa Fe Park located near the intersection of Front Street and G Street just northeast of West Broadway in Downtown Needles, California.

This is a new picture of the tanker or possible railroad tanker car found under Santa Fe Park where construction crews are replacing sewer lines and other replacements related to the El Garces Project at the old El Garces Hotel and Railroad Station.

Unconfirmed reports that construction crews found inside the possible railroad tanker car filled with kerosene.

As that tanker remains sitting in the ground, the community and ZachNews has these questions:

– How long has that tanker been there?

– Why was this tanker place underground?

– What was the tanker use for?

– What is or was inside the tanker?

– Is there any leaks in or around the tanker?

– Is what is or was inside the tanker hazardous?

– Will this find delay the El Garces Project?

– Was the area checked before construction crews began digging up the ground?

– What else in under the ground of Santa Fe Park or the old El Garces Hotel?

– What will happen to the tanker if the tanker is needed to be remove?

– Who will pay for the removal of the tanker?

– What will happen to the tanker after it is removed from underground?

Both the community and ZachNews awaits these questions to be answer.

You can view more pictures of what was found under Santa Fe Park at the following ZachNews on Facebook website address:


Stay tuned to ZachNews for news updates with more information regarding this news story.

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