Alarms heard and odors smelled from the Bazoobuth Lift Station.

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Needles, CA: During Tuesday’s Board of Public Utilities Meeting, a question from a member of the Board of Public Utilities asking about a lot of alarms lately and some odors near the Bazoobuth Lift Station in Needles, California and asked did this have anything to do with our Lift Stations.

According to City of Needles Utility Assistant Robert Benoit, the alarms that I was responding to were from Bazoobuth Lift Station. The problem was that the suction pipes for the pumps had rotted away and the pumps couldnt pump water properly. 10 years ago that lift station was rebuilt using castiron pipe for suction pipes. Castiron pipe works fine if it stays under water. By the nature of operations at the lift station, these pipes see water and air several times a day. This caused the pipes to decay rapidly. The pipes were replaced with C-900 plastic pipe. There was no overflow or spill of sewage and is now working fine. The cost for this repair was very minimal. (the price of 2 each 6″ by 15′ pieces of pipe).

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