Help nominate honoree for the Needles’ Centennial Celebration.



Needles, CA: Help nominate honoree for the Needles’ Centennial Celebration.

The Needles Chamber of Commerce, along with the Needles Centennial Committee, is asking the public to nominate people and/or businesses from the community of Needles, California who have been instrumental in the support and growth of Needles, California over the last 100 years.

The individuals or businesses will be recognized and honored throughout the celebration which will unfold over 3 days between Friday, October 4th, 2013 to Sunday, October 6th, 2013.

The honorees will participate in the Needles Centennial Parade, be recognized at a reception in their honor in August 2013 at Palo Verde Community College in Downtown Needles, California, featured in the 100th Centennial Souvenir Book, and highlighted at the Needles Centennial Dinner.

There are 9 categories under consideration, but more could be created:

– Historical

– Businesses

– Politics

– Education

– Railroad

– Individual/Community

– Tribal

– Humanitarian

– Veteran

Nominations are welcome from anyone who wants to submit a name or business.

Nominations can come from any era of Needles’ history, from 1913 to 2013.

Please submit as much information can as possible about the nominee such as date of birth, pictures, family members, careers, contributions to the community, and other information.

** Send in your selections to the following mailing address: **

Needles Chamber of Commerce

100 G Street

Needles, California, 92363

** Send in your selections also by email to the following email address: **

** Stay tuned to ZachNews for more information regarding the Needles, California’s Incorporated Centennial Celebration. **

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