Breaking News!!: Brush fire in Castaic, California.



Breaking News!!: Castaic, CA: Brush fire in Castaic, California.

**** Updated at 12:15am PT on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013: ****

A brush fire is burning along Interstate 5 near Templin Highway and just north of Highway 126 in Castaic, California.

The brush fire has so far burned 50 acres and is at 75 percent contained.

The brush fire started by a truck fire on the northbound lanes of Interstate 5.

High temperatures and winds are helping to flame clime up away from Interstate 5 into the hillside.

At least 120 fire department crews and 2 water dropping helicopters are fighting the brush fire.

So far, there is no evacuations orders.

There is no reports of injuries from the truck fire and the brush fire.

** More information still coming into ZachNews. **

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