Breaking News!!: Major wildfire burning in Camarillo, California.



Breaking News!!: Camarillo, CA: Major wildfire burning in Camarillo, California.

** Updated at 10:00pm PT on Friday, May 10th, 2013: **

A wildfire is burning southwest of Camarillo, California.

The wildfire is named the, “Springs Fire.”

**** Regarding Wildfire: ****

The wildfire started near Southbound United States Highway 101 at Camarillo Springs Road in Camarillo, California.

The wildfire has burned around 24,251 acres.

The wildfire is 96% contained.

The wildfire is burned brush and thick vegetation in steep terrain.

At least 6 commercial properties and 6 outbuildings were damaged as well as RVs in a parking lot near the Vallecito Mobile Estates, several agricultural buildings near a strawberry field at Laguna Farms located at 2350 Potrero Road in Camarillo, California, and a Navy Seabee Target Range at the Naval Base Ventura County also had wildfire damage.

No houses have been destroyed from the wildfire.

All evacuations and road closures have been lifted and evacuation centers closed.

4 firefighters have been injuries in the wildfire.

No reports of deaths from the wildfire.

Fire department crews continue to mop up in areas very visible to public to reduce public concern.

Fire department crews continue demobilization, fire damage inspections, and suppression repair.

The wildfire is still under investigation.

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