New medical marijuana dispensary in Needles, California.



Needles, CA: Last week, sources told ZachNews that a new medical marijuana dispensary is coming to Needles, California.

This picture shows the new medical marijuana dispensary spotted by ZachNews followers at the Best Motel located on the 1900 block of Needles Highway near P Street in Needles, California with a sign saying MDWC on what local motel guest say was once a pool house then a small laundromat.

Mojave Desert Wellness Cooperative was located on J Street but now another medical marijuana dispensary has taken over that located near Interstate 40.

Delta 9 Collective located on the 200 block of H Street in Downtown Needles, California was another medical marijuana dispensary here in the community until San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputies raided the Delta 9 Collective and 3 homes back on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 seizing marijuana and concentrated cannabis as well as firearms and other items.

According to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Officials, 29 year old Victor Duran Hernandez of Needles, California was arrested during the investigation and was booked into jail on suspicion of unauthorized possession of drugs, and possessing drugs with firearms.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Investigators had been investigating reports of illegal marijuana sales at the Delta 9 Collective for several weeks.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputies searched 2 homes in the Needles, California area including the home of Victor Duran Hernandez and reportedly found hallucinogenic mushrooms, illegal high-capacity firearm magazines, SKS assault rifle with illegal modifications, and other firearms.

During last Tuesday’s Needles City Council Meeting, Needles Council Member Linda Kidd informed both the public and members of the Needles City Council that the City of Needles has received money from 2 medical marijuana dispensaries from the new sale tax on the sale of medical marijuana within the City of Needles passed by voters in November 2012. The amount the City of Needles is receiving from the new sale tax wasn’t given out, but sources tell ZachNews that it’s in the thousands of dollars.

As for if the money collected from that new sale tax on medical marijuana dispensaries included the Delta 9 Collective, nothing from the City of Needles but some are downplaying what happen at Delta 9 Collective and called the raid not true saying that Delta 9 Collective was busted and closed because of something on their website.

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