Bombing Suspect #1 Is Dead and Bombing Suspect #2 Is Arrested.

News Update!!- Bombing Suspect #1 Dead and Bombing Suspect #2 Arrested- Picture- Friday, April 18th, 2013

Watertown, MA: Bombing Suspect #1 Is Dead and Bombing Suspect #2 Is Arrested.

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Authorizes has confirmed that Bombing Suspect #2 identified as 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is alive and in police custody.

During a news conference Friday night, Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy P. Alben said to the media with a smile, “We are so grateful to bring closure to this case. We are eternally grateful for the outcome tonight. We have a suspect in custody; we have a victory tonight.”

“There are still questions that need to be answered. It is a night where we are going to rest easy,” said Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.


At around 7:05pm PT, United States President Barack Obama spoke to the nation about the arrest of Bombing Suspect #2 saying the following:

‘”We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all our outstanding law enforcement professionals,” he said. “These men and women get up every day, they put on that uniform; they risk their lives to keep us safe — and as this week showed, they don’t always know what to expect. So our thoughts are with those who were wounded in pursuit of the suspects and we pray for their full recovery.”

“While tonight’s arrest closes one chapter in this tragedy, we’re still left with many questions about these young men. President Obama pledged to put the full weight of the federal government behind finding answers.”

“I’ve instructed the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and our intelligence community to continue to deploy all the necessary resources to support the investigation, to collect intelligence, and to protect our citizens,” he said. “We will determine what happened. We will investigate any associations that these terrorists may have had. And we’ll continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe.”

“It’s been a long week, and the events in Boston have in some ways overshadowed another tragedy — the explosion that took the lives of at least 14 people in West, Texas and wounded more than 200. Before the President closed, he made sure to remind the people of that community that they hadn’t been forgotten.”

“Our thoughts, our prayers are with the people of West, Texas, where so many good people lost their lives; some lost their homes; many are injured; many are still missing,” he said. “I’ve talked to Governor Perry and Mayor Muska and I’ve pledged that the people of West will have the resources that they need to recover and rebuild. And I want everybody in Texas to know that we will follow through with those commitments.

Federal Official are saying that the United States Government will be using the “Public Safety Rule” on Bombing Suspect #2 to find out more information to if there is other people planning attacks and if other people were involved in the bombing during the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15th, 2013 which injured over 100 people and took the lives of 8 year old Martin Richard; who loved to climb trees in the neighborhood, ride his bike, play baseball, and was a student at Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy in Massachusetts, 29 year old Krystle Campbell; a helpful and loving person who cared for others and loved animals,and 23 year old Lingzu Lu; a Boston University graduate student. She won an academic scholarship to Beijing Institute of Technology, where she received accolades for her excellent math skills.

United States President Barack Obama old the public that the person will be in a civilian court.

The arrest all came just after an earlier news conference held at 6:00pm PT, police vehicles were seen racing down the street with lights go as shots were heard near Franklin Street in Watertown, Massachusetts.

According to Massachusetts State Police Colonial Timothy Alben, there was a reports a man seen blood on a boat and when he went to see why there was body, he seen a bloody man.

Authorizes arrived to the home and surrounded the boat with the man identified as 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Suspect #2) still inside. A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Team began talking to him, but then there was an exchange of gun fire.

Minutes later, police arrested 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Suspect #2) and was reportedly transported from the scene by ambulance to a Boston, Massachusetts hospital where he is in serious condition.

Authorities did not find any explosive devices on him as authorities arrested him.

As law enforcement began to leave the area, people from all over the community lined streets near Franklin Street and began cheering for all the law enforcement and first responders who raced to capture this attacker.

All day Friday, Watertown Police Department, Boston Police Department, SWAT Teams, Massachusetts States Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, United States Department of Homelands Security, and United States National Guard Police Units are searched for Bombing Suspect #2 as well as disabling any explosive devices found after some explosive devices were used earlier Friday morning.

This all began late Thursday night when a 7-11 in Cambridge was robbed.

Shortly later at around 10:30pm ET, an Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus police officer was found shot multiple times in his car in the area of Vassar and Main streets. He was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where he died.

Well the search for Suspect #2 is on going, police officers along Arsenal Street were seen paying respect to the fallen Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer.

According to ABC affiliate WCVB Channel 5, the identified of the fallen Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer has been released as 26 year old Sean Collier who was found shot by Bombing Suspects in his vehicle in the area of Vassar and Main Streets.

Watertown Police Department Officials have confirmed that suspects in Massachusetts Institute of Technology Shooting are related to Boston Marathon attacks.

Authorities on Friday have back tracking their earlier reports that the 2 Bombing Suspects were not involved in the 7-11 Store robbery in Cambridge, Massachusetts which came out from a news released by the Middlesex District Attorney and other law enforcement officials, but they did go into the 7-11 Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts as seen in the picture before being spotted by law enforcement. Authorities are saying that there was a robbery at the 7-11 Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts and police were going to that robbery call when the Bombing Suspects were found getting gasoline.

A short time later, police received reports of an armed carjacking by two males in the area of Third Street in Cambridge. The victim was carjacked at gunpoint by two males and was kept in the car with the suspects for approximately a half hour. The victim was released at a gas station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. He was not injured.

Police immediately began a search for the vehicle and were in pursuit of the vehicle into Watertown. At that time, explosive devices were thrown from car by the suspects. The suspects and police also exchanged gunfire in the area of Dexter and Laurel streets. During this pursuit, an MBTA Police officer was seriously injured and transported to the hospital.

During the pursuit, one suspect was critically injured and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased. An extensive manhunt is ongoing in the Watertown area for the second suspect, who is believed to be armed and dangerous.

The case is being investigated by local, state and federal authorities working in cooperation. The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad is assessing and removing any potentially explosive devices that may have been thrown on the street in Watertown by the suspects.”

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer was shot and killed by the bombing suspects and another police officer is in the hospital.

Our thoughts go out to the family, friends, and the people of Boston, Massachusetts and to the family and friends of the fallen Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer.

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