Breaking Business News!!: 2 gas stations closing and new medical marijuana dispensary coming to Needles.

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Breaking Business News!!:

Needles, CA: Sources tell ZachNews that 2 gas stations on the eastern side on Needles, California are closing.

Eastside Chevron Gas Station located at 810 East Broadway in Needles, California has closed on Friday, April 11th, 2013.

Eastside Mobil Gas Station located at 1005 East Broadway is planning to close on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013.

Both of these gas stations are near the Bashas Grocery Stores located inside the Needles Towne Center and just north of Interstate 40 .

Many news tips from our ZachNews followers came in this week about reports that the Eastside Chevron Gas Station was closed.

Sources tell ZachNews that both properties were in foreclosure and sold at a auction.

Breaking Business News!!

Needles, CA: Sources are also telling ZachNews that a new medical marijuana dispensary is coming to Needles, California.

The new medical marijuana dispensary was spotted by ZachNews followers at the Best Motel located on the 1900 block of Needles Highway near P Street in Needles, California.

The new medical marijuana dispensary is being placed inside what motel guest say was once a pool house then later became a small laundromat after the pool was filled in.

Stay tuned to ZachNews for news updates and more information regarding both of these news stories.

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