New sidewalk plan for Front Street after modifications and vote to approve.



Downtown Needles, CA: Back in July 2012, work crews from Stewart Concrete and Bobcat, LLC of Fort Mohave, Arizona were working on placing a new sidewalk along Front Street near E Street in Downtown Needles, California.

The new sidewalk stretched from the corner of Front Street and E Street up to Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Needles, California.

Now the continuation of the new sidewalk will run from in front of Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant to the corner of Front Street and F Street.

The new sidewalk will be lowered to the stander level of the sidewalk removing the raised portion of the sidewalk that some call a nuisance to step up onto as well as parking along the street being careful not to bang their vehicle door up.

But before the new sidewalk project begins, the Needles City Council has to approve the project and after making some quick modifications the project.

On Wednesday, a question was raised regarding ADA compliance and access along a portion of the new sidewalk in front of Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store located on the 800 block of Front Street in Downtown Needles, California.

At first, because the sidewalk was going to be lowered, the plan was to add a small step at the entry into the store, but this would have made it difficult for those in wheelchairs to access the store and may have made the store not be ADA compliance.

ZachNews photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez when on down to City Hall to ask about the new sidewalk and to address this issue of access.

According to City of Needles Engineering Support Kathy Bernal, there was no plans to add access ramp because the store already had one and was using that ramp at their store entryway near to the vacant store front building.

Well there may be a ramp there at that entryway, that entryway wasn’t the main entry use by the public and that main entryway is where the City of Needles was planning to place a step at.

About 2 hours after our visit to City Hall and a phone call from Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store to the City of Needles addressing their concerns, staffers from the City of Needles Engineering Department came down to Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store to talk with Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and hear their concerns and address any problems with the project.

After talking to manager at Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and looking at the entryways into the store, they fund that there was an issue and plan to work with Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store to address this issue by building a ramp at the main entryway into their store.

The new sidewalk plan will be placed on the agenda for the Needles City Council Meeting being held on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 with the new modifications addressing the access and ramp issue. If members of the Needles City Council find that everything is within budget and to compliance, members of the Needles City Council will vote to approve the plan and the new sidewalk project will begin on a date not set as this moment.


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