New frozen food section plan for Dollar Tree store in Needles.

Dollar Tree Store- Needles, California

Needles, CA: Sources tell ZachNews that the Dollar Tree store is adding a new frozen food section inside their store located at 1100 East Broadway (Highway 95) in Needles, California.

On Tuesday, new freezers for the new frozen food section have been move into the Dollar Tree store.

As like the Dollar Tree store in nearby Bullhead City, Arizona, the new frozen food section will offer frozen food and refrigerated items at Dollar Tree prices.

The new frozen food section may be open possibly within 3 weeks, but after the store passes its inspections.

This is welcoming news for the many people living in Needles, California wanting more places to shop for food at low prices without traveling far and out of the community to buy them.

Those who are on a fit income, receiving government assistance, and are live paycheck to paycheck will now have a new place to buy affordable food that they may not be able to buy before because it cost to much or had no transportation to shop at the Dollar Tree Store in Bullhead City, Arizona.

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