Cleaning up blight near blight.


Downtown Needles, CA- Cleaning Up Blight- Pictures- Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Downtown Needles, CA: Last Friday morning, demolition crews for Tri-R Construction rip apart 2 homes located at 301 C Street and 518 Acoma Street as part of cleaning up blight in Needles, California.

The City of Needles wants to see abandoned and blighted buildings cleared and clean up to not only make the community safe and clean, but to present and market Needles, California as a great place for new businesses, industries, and fun.

The cleaning of abandoned and blighted buildings is important to many in the community who want to see their neighborhoods safe and clear of eyesores that draw their neighborhoods down, but what happens when the City of Needles who say they want to clean up blight in their community leaves blight and eyesore buildings in their community that are unsafe and draw criminal activity into the community to stay and not be knock down or put on the list to demolition?

Well demolition crews knock down the home at 301 C Street, just down the street and at the corner of West Broadway and C Street is an abandoned and blighted building which use to be an auto shop for Colorado River Ford sits collecting dust and at time broken into by both vandals as well as homeless people trying to find a warm place to sleep during the cold.

Down the street from that property is the famous Overland Hotel which has sat boarded up and vandalized apart since the hotel later turn into low income style housing closed in August 2011 after many health and safety issues.

Former owners and residents of the home at 301 C Street tell ZachNews that they are deeply sad to see the home be knock down and wish that more was done to rebuild the home rather then knocking the whole home down.

According to documents obtain by ZachNews, the property at 301 C Street had a ceiling beam fallen inside the home possibly caused by damaging winds from the powerful wind storm which occurred back in September 2012. The home at 301 C Street would later be “Red Tag” for unsafe conditions by Needles Code Enforcement.

As the City of Needles continues their clean up of abandoned, blighted, and eyesore buildings in the community, properties like the old Colorado River Ford Auto Shop, the old Overland Hotel, the old Relax Inn, the old MTD Liquor Store, and abandoned gas stations located near Bashas’ Grocery Store along East Broadway remain untouched and still standing.

Well City of Needles Officials say they don’t know what to do with those properties or give no comments to what is happening to those properties, the community are asking the City of Needles to work on cleaning up those abandoned, blighted, and eyesore properties like the the old Colorado River Ford Auto Shop, the old Overland Hotel, the old Relax Inn, the old MTD Liquor Store and if those properties remain untouched with no plans on the table to restore or rebuild, have those properties knock down as soon as possible.

If the City of Needles wants to clean up neighborhoods with abandoned, blighted, and eyesore properties, then the City of Needles needs to clean up the abandoned, blighted, and eyesore properties that are along the historic and world famous Route 66 (West Broadway and Needles Highway) that are collecting dust, debris, and criminal activities.

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What should be done to those properties like the old Colorado River Ford Auto Shop, the old Overland Hotel, the old Relax Inn, and the old MTD Liquor Store?

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