Stress leads to Board of Hospital Trustees Member resigning.

Needles, CA: During Thursday’s Board of Hospital Trustees Meeting, members were informed that Board of Hospital Trustees Member Lana Shaw has resign from the Board of Hospital Trustees due to stress and

In her letter address to the Board of Hospital Trustees, she writes the following,

“Dear members, I have decided to resign from the board as the stress is starting to affect my health. I knew the hospital was under a contract for sale and in escrow. I had no problem with overseaing the day to day operations of the hospital. When I was appointed to the Hospital Board, I was challenged by City Council Members to get up to speed. Following through on this, I preseeded to read the final sale contract number 14 and articles of corporation and bylaws of the Hospital Board. Having decided I needed more information, I read the first draft. I also read 4 packed contracts 5 times and went through the last escrow loan contract twice. I never thought I would be involved in this many contract negotiations which I do not think any of us are qualified to do this; even with an attorney. Our packets contain a lot of information regarding upcoming decision to be made. This is done by reading and studying the packet. As a board member, you can not walk into the meeting and open your packed and think you can make an enlightening decisions. So I challenge all board members, read you packet, study, and ask questions and vote intelligently. Regardless of which board you are a member, I would suggest you listen to your board’s advisor; whether it is a CEO or an attorney. An example of this, at the last Hospital Board Meeting, our attorney advise several times during the discussion to not accept this offer being made yet nobody paid any attention to him. I also feel that there should not be joint meetings; the Hospital Board was set up to decide on issues and make their recommendations to the City Council, not to have the City Council in on their discussions and try to sway the Board one way or another. If input is needed from the City Council, the Hospital Board can request it before making a decision. I would like to thank all those persons that have supported me during this period; Mayor Paget, John Pinkney, Council Member Campbell, Jon Freeberg, and Cheryl Sallis. Also on the list is Jeff Williams and my husband who has been supported of me throughout this term. I wish everyone good luck, and hope and pray that all works out for the City of Needles and the new hospital owners and my good wishes to the Hospital Board and the hospital and staff. Respectfully yours, Lana Shaw.”


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