Hospital Meeting

Needles, CA: Board of Hospital Trustees being held today.

Board of Hospital Trustees Meeting will be held at 1:00pm PT held on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at inside the Needles City Council Chambers located on J Street near Bailey Avenue.

Here is a few of the agenda items to be discuss and take action on during the Board of Hospital Trustees Meeting:

** Old Business: **

Item #6(A): Update on the operations of the Needles Municial Hospital/ Colorado River Medical Center (Located at 1401 Bailey Avenue, Needles).

Item #6(B): Resolution No. 3-21-13 BHT opening a back account at Bank of America in the name of the City of Needles Colorado River Medical Center amd designating authorizd signers on said account (Pulled from March 7 agenda).

** New Business: **

Item #7(A): Authorize the Board President to sign a letter giving Community Healthcare Partner Inc. permission to obtain loss information on current and previous hospital insurance policy terms and copies of current and previous applications used to underwrite those insurance policies.

Item #7(B): Clarify the action taken at the special joint meeting with the city council held on March 12, 2013 regarding appointment of a “Watchdog Committee” to monitor the hospital’s finances, including accounts receivable, revenue collection, and recommendations on accounts payable.

For more information regarding the Board of Hospital Trustees Meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board Cheryl Sallis at 1 (760) 326-2113 Ext: 315.

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