Community Comments: Demolition, cleaning up blight, and the Overland Hotel.

Downtown Needles, CA: The Needles City Council Members voted unanimously to award the informal bid to Tri-R Construction for demolition of residential structures located at 301 C Street, 1321 Front Street, and 518 Acoma Street in Needles, California using CDBG funds for the abatement of residential buildings.

The City of Needles has put cleaning up blight in the community in the for front in to both beautify the community and to market the City of Needles to future new businesses and industry.

Well going after abatement  homes is a start, a property located on the 700 block of West Broadway, also known as the Overland Hotel, remains still stands abandon and becoming a big eyesore along the historic and world famous Route 66.

The Overland Hotel Used to be a buzzing hotel stop for tourists driving along the historic and world famous Route 66.

Years later, the Overland Hotels became a home for low income residence.

Years after, the property grew into a health and safety issue with many complaints by the residents and nobody fixing the problems such as no running water and unsafe electrical wiring.

After years and years of complaints of health and safety issues, the Overland Hotel closed in August 2011 and since the closing, the property continues to collect dust and trash as well as vandals breaking windows not boarded up and tagging up property walls.

The picture you see below was taken on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 and with the boarding up of windows and doors, not much has changed much since the closing of the Overland Hotel in August 2011.

City of Needles Officials have talked about during pass Needles Downtown Business Alliance (NDBA) and Needles Economical Development Corporation (NEDC) Meetings wanting to see this property becoming a student housing complex for Palo Verde City College or affordable housing for low income residents.
But since August 2011, the only progress made to the Overland Hotel property have been the boarding up of windows and doors well the city of needles complained about overgrown grass unpainted buildings, and vehicles in front of a painted mural on the side of a business.

So if the City of Needles is going after blight in the community, how about the Overland Hotel?

Many in the community wonder what is going on with you Overland Hotel property and why hasn’t this property put on the list for demolition?

ZachNews have tried to ask those questions to both the City of Needles and their Code Enforcement Officer, but have been told that they don’t know or can’t comment, especially by Needles’ Code Enforcement Department.

So ZachNews want to know from you the community of Needles, California.

What do you think should be done to the old and abandoned Overland Hotel?

Please leave your comment here on ZachNews in the comment section.

Thank You for Participating.


1 thought on “Community Comments: Demolition, cleaning up blight, and the Overland Hotel.

  1. I ran across your blog a couple of months ago when searching for information on the Overland. I came across the Overland Motel Restoration Project website when searching for motels for sale (I want to own a small motel/motor lodge in a few years). What a cool place this was and could be again! I know it’s currently an eyesore in your community, but it still saddens me to think that it could be torn down. I truly hope that someone with vision (and the means to execute it) rescues this property and brings it back to its former glory. It could be could be the Crown Jewel of Needles!
    I would love to know more about the history of the motel if you have some to share. I look forward to one day reading Breaking News that the Overland has been saved!

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