Man who broke into Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant in jail.

Downtown Needles, CA: The man who was breaking into the Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant is reportedly in jail.

Employees at Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant tell ZachNews that well talking to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy, they were informed that the person describe by an eyewitnesses as a tall male with long blonde hair is already in jail for another crime.

More than 2 weeks ago, a man matching that description was seen breaking into the back door of the Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant stealing boxes of food and money including 6 silver dollar coins.

Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant Is a popular eatery in Downtown Needles, California located on the 800 block of Front Street between E Street and F Street.

Their delicious breakfast burritos is a crowd favorite by many in the community especially with those working on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad which is located across the street from the eatery.

Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant also love participating in community events such as the Needles Farmers Market at Santa Fe Park and local sports events such as cooking up great and delicious food to feed a wonderful community.

The break in and theft at Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant has taken a bit of a hit, but the employees at Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant work on standing strong and continuing to cook delicious food for their wonderful and loyal customers.


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