A Message From ZachNews:


**** A Message From ZachNews: ****



ZachNews has been reporting on local news, weather, breaking news, city meetings, and events for over 3 years.



From heated Needles City Council Meetings and Community Events, to Breaking News Stories such as wild damaging winds hitting Downtown Needles, California, wildfires burning near Jack Smith Park, Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast of the United States, and a San Diego family’s search for their son along the Colorado River.



ZachNews does the best to cover as many news stories as possible and works very hard to check news story information, ask questions the people want answers to, and report on the news stories that affects the people.



ZachNews is not big or has lots of money like the other media outlets or tries to buy the best equipment to report the news and events affecting the people.



Because of low funding, ZachNews has had equipment problems that has cost ZachNews money to replace or fix.



Tonight sadly is another equipment problem and this is a big equipment problem for ZachNews.



As I was covering tonight’s Needles City Council Meeting, the camera I use has died and the video lost. I did try to fix the camera, no luck.



So for now until I can replace the camera, ZachNews will sadly be taking a break.



I, Zachary A. Lopez do what I do for the people and I do not plan to give up on the people, but for now I need to find a way to help get both better equipment and more funding.



I thank you the people for following ZachNews for what is happening in our community and what is happening in your community.



Take Care Everybody.



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