News Update!!: Newtown, CT: School Shooting in Connecticut.


News Update!!: Newtown, CT: School Shooting in Connecticut.

27 people including 20 children have been killed.

Many people were also injured in the school shooting.

Gunman is killed and may have been a parent.

CBS News is reporting a body being found at a home close to the gunman.

CNN mistakenly reported that Ryan Lanza was the gunman according to a law enforcement official. The gunman would later be Adam Lanza.

CBS affiliate WFSB Channel 3 is reporting that the gunman is 24 year old and may have lived in Newtown, Connecticut and that the gunman’s mother who was a teacher was also killed.

Shooting happen inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut Friday morning.

Gunman went from classroom to classroom during the shooting.

Many First Responders are at the school.

The investigation is still on going.

Governor of Connecticut is there near the school meeting with families and plans to speak soon to the media.

United States President Barack Obama may be speaking to the media about this deadly and tragic school shooting.

Thoughts out to the families, friends, and the people of Newtown, Connecticut  affected by this tragic school shooting.

CBS affiliate WFSB Channel 3 is covering this tragic school shooting.

You can watch the Live Coverage at the following CBS affiliate WFSB Channel 3 website:

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