Preparing For Disaster: California Highway Patrol.

Needles, CA: Are you prepared? If a disaster strikes your community, are you and your community ready and prepared to survive and to take action?

As many people living on the East Coast of the United States rebuild their lives after Hurricane Sandy, can a disaster greater than Hurricane Sandy hit our community of Needles, California and are we as a community ready and prepared to serve and handy the aftermath of that disaster?ZachNews is asking our local first responders if the our Community of Needles, California and our County of San Bernandino, California ready for a major disaster, and what people should do to prepare for a major disaster.

ZachNews is bring those interviews with our local first responders in our ZachNews’ series, “Preparing For Disaster.”

** California Highway Patrol: **

During the Community Health and Fun Fair held at the Colorado River Medical Center on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez talked to California Highway Patrol Officer Alex Diaz about what should people do to prepare for disasters well on the road, what people should and shouldn’t do during and after a disasters, what people should or shouldn’t do to keep their neighborhood safe after a disasters, and if the California Highway Patrol are prepared for a disasters.

You can watch the full ZachNews interview with California Highway Patrol Officer Alex Diaz at the following ZachNews Channel on Veoh website:

For more information about the California Highway Patrol websites, contacts, and locations:

**** California Highway Patrol: ****

California Highway Patrol Location:

1916 J Street

Needles, California 92363

– California Highway Patrol Phone Number:

1 (760) 326-2000

– California Highway Patrol Website:

– California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Information Website:

– California Highway Patrol Facebook:

– California Highway Patrol Twitter:


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