Hurricane Sandy Coverage: The Latest News Regarding Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy Coverage: The Latest News Regarding Hurricane Sandy.


** 7:30pm PT/ 10:30pm ET on Sunday, November 4th, 2012 News Update: **



A week after a damaging hurricane name Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States distorting both property and lives. As many people are remembering those who lost their lives and clean up the damage, many people are donating and giving thanks to those who saved lives during Hurricane Sandy.



** Latest News Regarding Hurricane Sandy: **


**** This news story will be updated constantly with the latest news information and important information. ****



** Death Total: **


– According to CNN,175 people have lost their lives from Hurricane Sandy which includes:


** Canada: 1 Person including: **


A woman in Toronto. (No Name or Age Given)



** Atlantic Ocean: 1 Person including: **


– A crew member of the HMS Bounty that went down over open sea during Hurricane Sandy.



** Caribbean: 67 people including: **


– Many people in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.



– According to CNN, 110 people have lost their lives from Hurricane Sandy in the United States which includes the following states and names being reported:


** Connecticut: 4 people including: **


– 55 year old Russell Neary in Easton. A 13-year veteran of the volunteer fire department in Easton


– 90 year old Olga E. Raymond in Mansfield.




** Delaware: 0 people including: **




** Maryland: 11 people including: **


– 66 year old Mai Lam-Phan in Germantown.


– 74 year old Donald Charles Cannata in Pasadena.



** North Carolina: 2 people including: **


– 25 year old Jody Alan Davis near Dobson.


– 42 year old Claudene Christian in Mount Airy.



** New Jersey: 24 people including: **


– 48 year old Elizabeth Everett and 54 year old Richard R. Everett in Mendham Township.


– 51 year old Bruce Litteri in Jefferson Township.


– 55 year old Rafael Reyes in New Brunswick.


– 59 year old Gracie Dunston in Trenton.


– 77 year old Fletcher Fish in Hawthorne.



** New York: 47 people including: **


– 2 year old Brandon Moore and 4 year old Connor Moore in Staten Island. Both boys were ripped from their mother’s arms on Staten Island during Hurricane Sandy.


– 11 year old Jack Baumler and 13 year old Michael Robson in North Salem. Both died instantly when an oak tree fell into their family room in North Salem.


– 13 year old Angela Dresch in Staten Island, New York. The first victims of Hurricane Sandy who identified on Staten Island.


– 24 year old Jessie Streich-Kest and 24 year old Jacob Vogelman in Brooklyn.


– 24 year old Lauren Abraham in Queens.


– 28 year old Artur Kasprzak in Staten Island. A New York Police Department Officer killed in the basement of his Staten Island home.


– 39 year old John Miller in Lloyd Harbor.


– 51 year old John Filipowicz and his son 20 year old John Filipowicz, Jr. in Staten Island. Father and son were found buried under debris in the basement of their home in Staten Island and died from drowning in flood water.


– 51 year old Jeffrey Chanin in Staten Island. A retired New York Police Department Sergeant.


– 54 year old Tiago Ferreira Neto in Greenburgh.


– 73 year old Anatasia Rispoli in Staten Island.


– 84 year old Safar Shafinoori in Nassau County.


– 89 year old Ella Norris in Staten Island.



** New Hampshire: 1 person including: **


– 1 person.



** Pennsylvania: 13 people including: **


– 8 year old Matthew Stahl in Franklin Township.


– 17 year old Robert Mills in Northampton County.


– 48 year old Tammy Kerosetz in South Whitehall Township.


– 61 year old William Sword in Princeton.


– 62 year old Gerald Witman in Berks County.


– A 66 year old man in Carbon County. (No Name Given)


– A 81 year old woman in Somerset County. (No Name Given)


– 86 year old Richard Whitehead in Spring Township.


– 86 year old Theresa Schlitzer in Lower Macungie Township.


– A 82 year old women and A 88 year old women in Wayne County. (No Name Given)


– A 90 year old woman in Montgomery County. (No Name Given)



** Virginia: 2 people including: **


2 people in storm related traffic accident in Central Virginia.



** West Virginia: 6 people including: **


– 40 year old Nanci Hedrick in Tucker County.


– 51 year old Mark Riffle in Upshur County.


– 60 year old John Rose in Barbour County.



** For more information on those who lost their lives in Hurricane Sandy, please head to the following websites: **



– CNN: “Superstorm Sandy’s Victims”



** Damage Cost: (Estimated) **


– $50 billion dollars.



** Power Outages: **


– Around 2.4 million customers across the Eastern United States are without power. Utility Crews are working on restoring power as fast as possible.



** Connecticut: **


241,000 customers were without power.



** Delaware: **


– 400 customers were without power.



** District of Columbia: (Washington, DC) **


– 0 customers are without power.



** Kentucky: **


– 0 customers are without power.



** Maine: **


– 0 customers are without power.



** Maryland: **


– 28,600 customers are without power.



** Massachusetts: **


– 7,200 customers are without power.



** Michigan: **


– 5,000 customers are without power.



** New Hampshire: **


– 1,300 customers are without power.



** New Jersey: **


– 1.6 million customers without power.



** New York: **


– 1.3 million customers are without power.



** North Carolina: **


– Power has been restored to a vast majority of customers.



** Ohio: **


– 89,000 customers are without power.



** Pennsylvania: **


– 372,000 customers are without power.



** Rhode Island: **


– 17,700 customers are without power.



** Tennessee: **


– 0 customers are without power.



** Vermont: **


– Power has been restored to a vast majority of customers.



** Virginia: **


– 6,100 customers are without power.



** West Virginia: **


– 104,000 customers are without power.



** Most Recent News Update: **


– Flood water from Hurricane Sandy has flooded at the construction site near the September 11 Museum Memorial. There is at least 200 million gallons of water remaining and Construction Crews are pumping out from flood water below the streets of Downtown Manhattan, New York.


– Organizers of the New York City Marathon with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled this weekends New York City Marathon. All supplies including bottles of water, portable potties, and powered generators are reportedly going to the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Walkers and runners who were going to participate in the New York City Marathon are now giving their hotel rooms to those who need them and even volunteering to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Many people are saying that the decision to canceled the New York City Marathon was the right decision were there are many still in need of food, water, warm clothing, blankets, and medical supplies in hard hit areas like in Staten Island.


– According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, restoring electricity is the top priority, reiterating Saturday that his state will hold utilities accountable if they weren’t prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Late Friday, Lower Manhattan, New York’s power came back on Friday evening with many who were in affected by that power outage cheering. Utility Crews will continue to work on other areas of the city to restore power to those who do not have power. More Utility Crews and other supplies are being flown in from other states to communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.


– New Jersey Governor Christopher J. Christie has signed an executive order implementing odd-even rationing for gas purchases in 12 New Jersey counties. This executive order means that on days that end in even numbers (November 4, 6, or 8), gas station operators can sell gas only to those with license plates whose last digit is even. On days that end in odd numbers (November 3), only those with plate numbers ending in an odd number or those with specialty plates can get gas. Only station attendants can pump gas for their customers in New Jersey.


– The total of lives lost during Hurricane Sandy sadly continues to climb. Father and son drowned in the basement of their home, a young girl was killed when a storm surge swallowed her house, a woman was electrocuted when she stepped on a downed electrical line, and on Thursday, the bodies of the missing two boys who were ripped from their mother’s arms were found in Staten Island, New York.


– With the New York City subway tunnels flooded, a question that hasn’t being raised to happened to those who are homeless who may have living in those tunnels before the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy.


– Anger and concerns as many people in waterlogged neighborhood in Staten Island, New York wait for help to arrive even saying to the many journalists, “When is the government coming?” Many Staten Island, New York residents are dealing with some looters in the area. Many Staten Island, New York residents are in need of gas, food, water, warm clothing, blankets, and medical supplies. Weather conditions aren’t helping the problem as very cold weather is hitting the affected areas being 50 degree temperature with more lower temperatures to come soon dropping to the low 40’s. Many people are angry there help has been late in coming to help the Staten Island, New York which many people are calling the scene in their neighborhood as a, “Mini Katrina.” According to CNN, a convoy of 10 American Red Cross trucks filled with food, water, and medicine are to arrive to Staten Island, New York Thursday evening. According to the White House, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino are to travel Friday to Staten Island to meet with state and local officials and view the response and recovery efforts. Relief fund is created just for residents of hard hit Staten Island, New York City.


– According to the White House, United States President Barack Obama will have a meeting with several members of his cabinet which will included Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. United States Energy Secretary Steven Chu, and Governors of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey on Saturday. They will spend the day in some of the hard hit areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will be going to West Virginia and Long Island, New York. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be going to Brooklyn, New York and Manhattan, New York. Small Business Administration Administrator Karen Mills will be going to Norwalk, Connecticut and Bridgeport, Connecticut. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan will be going to Rockaways, New York and Breeze Point, New York. Homeland Security Adviser John Brennan will be among the federal officials in Staten Island, New York, Hoboken, New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey, and Jersey City, New Jersey.


– After touring damaged areas in Brigantine, New Jersey with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie last Wednesday, United States President Barack Obama told reporters that he directs his staff members and the people in his administration to tolerate no red tape or bureaucratic excuses when it comes to getting help to storm victims. “If they need something, we figure out a way to say yes,” said United States President Barack Obama.


– Many people are coming together to help their neighbors affected by Hurricane Sandy. Many people are being creative in helping people by setting up Charging Stations so people call recharge their cellular phones and laptops and setting up public wood fire outdoor stoves to help those who may need to cook some food.


– Hurricane Sandy destroyed contemporary and modern art works in the Art District of New York City, New York leaving many artists dumping their contemporary and modern art works into the trash cans.


– Businesses had contributed over $33 million dollars to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


– There is news reports that stock certificates worth trillions of dollars and were stored in a vault in Lower Manhattan, New York are feared to be damaged because of Hurricane Sandy.


– Power outages in Manhattan, New York are leaving many people running out of food and supplies. Many people are also trying to deal with the weather conditions.


– According to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, natural gas lines and service in and around the Seaside Heights and other barrier island locations are shutdown for safety reasons and until those natural gas lines are checked or repaired if need to be repaired.


– As many people affected by Hurricane Sand wait in long lines to buy gasoline, news reports of gas shortage are continuing to hit many areas that were hit by Hurricane Sandy. Many gas stations can’t pump gasoline because there is no power in the area which leaves those gas stations who do have power, trying to keep the supply of gasoline in stock.


– The Department of Homeland Security waived the Jones Act through Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 allowing Non-United States Flagged Ships to transport oil and gas from United States Ports in the Gulf of Mexico and ports in the Northeast.


– The Metropolitan Transit Authority are saying that 14 of the 23 New York City’s subway lines are now running and 4,000 buses are attempting to take up the slack. Metropolitan Transit Authority bus service are running their regular routes on Wednesday, but wait wait times greater then 45 minutes long. Reports that the Metropolitan Transit Authority has waived all subway, rail, and bus fares.


– Many people in New York City, New York are divided over the plans to still have the New York City Marathon even when many people are still cleaning or are homeless because of Hurricane Sandy. Some say that the New York City Marathon will bring people together, others say the City of New York should focus on those affected by Hurricane Sandy and to work on getting power restored to the affected power outage areas.


– Broadway theaters reopened Thursday. Organizers vowed to hold the New York City Marathon as scheduled on Sunday. Late night shows like Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon taping their show without an audience for 2 nights because of Hurricane Sandy. Jimmy Kimmel Live held their show in Brooklyn, New York with only 1 day without an audience. Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel urged his viewer to donate to the American Red Cross who are helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


– The World Health Organization says 22 cholera treatment centers in Haiti were damaged because of Hurricane Sandy.



** Most Recent News Update information will be updated constantly and as fast as possible with the latest information. **



**** Pass News Update: ****


** All Over Affected States: **


– At least 23 states felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy.


– A total of 175 people lost their lives during Hurricane Sandy.


– At least 110 people lost their lives in the United States during Hurricane Sandy.


– Many people were injured during Hurricane Sandy.


– Damage cost from Hurricane Sandy is estimated at around $50 billion.


– 8 million people lost their power during Hurricane Sandy.


– 3 nuclear power reactors were shut down because of Hurricane Sandy.


– The destruction by Hurricane Sandy came in gusty winds, water causing large waves and flooding, fires, and snow.


– New York Harbor saw surfs reaching a record of 32.5 feet.


– The United States Coast Guard rescued 14 people during Hurricane Sandy.


– Many roads, highways, interstates, bridges, and tunnels were closed during Hurricane Sandy.


– Mass Transit Systems partially were shut down temporary or were damaged severely.


– Many First Responders and Government agencies responded to the affected areas hit by Hurricane Sandy.


– Many Utility, Tree, and Construction Crews were sent to the affected areas hit by Hurricane Sandy.


– Park Rangers searched and rescued stranded hikers along the Appalachian Trail because of blizzard conditions.


– 10,000 National Guard troops are on duty to help areas affected by Hurricane Sandy The United States Coast Guard sent airboats to the coastlines affected by Hurricane Sandy. The United States Navy moved 3 landing ships to the coastlines affected by Hurricane Sandy.


– The Army Corps of Engineers are helping in deploying water pumps and generators to the affected areas in New York and New Jersey. The United States Defense Department is planning to send 80 truckloads of water to West Virginia where snow has left some areas inaccessible.



A Message From Zachary A. Lopez and Everybody at ZachNews:


Hurricane Sandy slammed into 9 States in the eastern coastline of the United States late Sunday and early Monday causing ocean water and beach sand to race into shoreline homes in New Jersey, caused major flooding to tunnels, damaging mass transit systems, and power outages in Manhattan, burning neighborhoods to the ground in Breezy Point, flooding and devastating whole neighborhoods in Staten Island, bringing blizzard conditions to the Appalachian Mountains, bringing large waves that slammed ships and boats in the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes, damaged roads and bridges along the eastern coastline of the United States, leaving many people staying in emergency shelters or homeless, and a death total that just keeps on climbing well Search and Rescue Crews search for the many who are reportedly missing. are devastating.


As many clean up and try to cope with the destruction around them, many people from across the county and around the globe are answering the call to help those affected by Hurricane sandy. From donation food, clothing, blanks, water, flashlights, and sleeping bags, and donating blood; to volunteering in the clean up of communities and passing out food and water to people in the community; and even setting up community outdoor wood fire stoves and Charging Stations to help those who may need to cook some food or charge their cellular phone.


Our thoughts go out to everybody in the path of Hurricane Sandy. We stand united together to help and care for the many people affected by Hurricane Sandy.


May we all come together to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please donate and volunteer for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. No matter the amount you donate, ever cent counts.


To all the emergency responders and the many caring and helpful good samaritans, stay safe and thank you for helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


To all who are volunteering who are there in the Hurricane Sandy affected areas cleaning up neighborhoods, serving food, or setting up community wood fire stoves and Charging Stations to battery charge equipment, thank you for helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


To all who have donated money, food, water, blanks, sleeping bags, jackets, tents, flashlights, heaters, barbecues, toilet paper, kids toys, medical supplies, and many other items, thank you for helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


We Will Not Let Hurricane Sandy Bring Us Down For We Are All United Together as A Family.


Take Care, Stay Strong, and Do Not Give Up East Coast Family.



**** Emergency Relief and Volunteering Information Regarding Hurricane Sandy: ****


– American Red Cross:


Red Cross Shelters:


Blood Donations:


American Red Cross Disaster Relief:




To donate $10.00 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, text “REDCROSS” to “90999”



– Salvation Army:



– Save the Children:



– World Vision:



– Humane Society of the United States:



– American Humane Association:



– AmeriCares:



– Catholic Charities USA:



– Direct Relief International:



– Feeding America:



– Operation Blessing International:



– Operation USA:



– The International Medical Corps:



– Team Rubicon:



– Samaritan’s Purse



– VolunteerMatch.Org:



– United Way:



**** Emergency Relief and Volunteering Information Regarding Hurricane Sandy On Twitter: ****


You can find where to volunteer and to donate food, water and other supplies by heading to ZachNews on Twitter or by using your own Twitter account, search for the following Twitter Hashtags:



























– American Red Cross on Twitter:





**** Emergency Relief and Volunteering Information Regarding Hurricane Sandy On Facebook: ****



– American Red Cross on Facebook:



– American Red Cross Blood Donors on Facebook:



– Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Network on Facebook:



**** Emergency Relief and Volunteering Information will be updated constantly with the latest information.



**** Helpful Information Regarding Hurricane Sandy: ****


– Search for Red Cross Shelters: From American Red Cross:



– New York City, NY: From NYC.Gov:



– Delaware: From DEMA.Delaware.Gov:



– Ready.Gov:



– DisasterAssistance.Gov:



– Federal Emergency Management Agency:



**** Helpful Information will be updated constantly with the latest information. ****



** Map Was Made By ZachNews Using Google Earth. **



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